15 Cute and Creative Halloween Costumes That Aren’t Trashy Or Boring

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Have you ever gone out on Halloween and felt like you’ve seen different variations of the same costume over and over again? And then there’s the struggle of going so obscure that nobody knows who you are. Here’s a compilation of great costumes that are neither trashy nor boring.

So many times shopping for women’s Halloween costumes can just become depressing because it can start to feel like most costumes show more than they cover. If you feel that way, then it’s time to get a little more creative. So whether you’re up to making your costume this year, buying it from a costume store, or using normal clothing to dress up as a character, you can find a costume you feel comfortable and cute wearing.

Mary Poppins, Practically Perfect in Every Way

Photo credit Keiko Lynn

How stinking cute is this? There are actually some pretty affordable Mary Poppins costumes (even for the new one with Emily Blunt). I once got to meet Julie Andrews, so I myself favor the costumes from the original film. I particularly love this costume I saw on Etsy. 

You could be Mary Poppins as a solo costume — just add an umbrella and you’re good to go! Or if you have a fella, see if you can talk him into being Bert. Have kids too? Or a dog? Add in a penguin suit! 

Tinkerbell Might Be a Basic Costume, but This Idea Isn’t

Photo credit Happily Ever Allen

This is a classic and, frankly, works for anyone who has a short green dress! Plus, it makes for a super easy couple's costume with your man!

Not really one for dressing up as Tinkerbell for Halloween? I get it. Another twist on the Peter Pan costume is to go as Wendy instead of Tinkerbell.

How stunning! There are options to buy this one if you’re not really up for DIYing anything. Etsy might have the best options once again for this costume.

Who Says You Only Get To Wear Your Prom Dress Once?


Here's VS Angel Sara Sampaio rocking one of the funniest costumes we've seen yet.

I hope you didn’t throw out your prom dress just yet because if you’re in a time crunch for a costume it might be your ticket to success. You just need a dress, a sash, and a tiara for this costume. Wear your own dress or hit up the thrift shop for a true '80s masterpiece. You can have your very own Pretty in Pink moment.

Whether you wanted to be the prom queen or Miss Universe, this is one costume that’s bound to get some smiles. 

Miss Universe cute halloween costume black dress tiara sash

Wear This and You Know They’ll Love You, Xoxo Gossip Girl

gossip girl serena blair cute halloween costume

It’s seriously my dream to do a Gossip Girl costume with my best friend. A lot of people have done this with school uniform type outfits and then just styled them how Blair and Serena would have, but I really love this group idea. If you and your bestie are obsessed with the show, then this costume is for you. If you live somewhere it gets cold on Halloween, here are some warmer ideas.

Why Not Be the Fairest of Them All?

snow white cute halloween costume yellow skirt blue shirt red shoes bow apple

This is the best idea. Little girls go as Disney princesses all the time, but women don’t dress up as them (at least not like this) often enough. She built this Disney princess costume with everyday clothing items: red shoes, a yellow skirt, a white collared shirt, a blue t-shirt, and a red bow. Grab an apple, and voila! You can source this look at a thrift store or buy a fancier version on Etsy.

Rather Take a Walk on the Dark Side? Go As the Evil Queen

I’ve been following Abby for her hair tutorials for years, and let me just tell you, she’s the queen of Halloween. How amazing are her hair and makeup? Luckily, she filmed a tutorial on how to do it, so you don’t have to be out of the loop. But, hey, if the Evil Queen just isn’t your style, she’s also done tutorials for the Queen of Hearts and a pirate costume. 

Wear This Costume and I Promise People Won’t Be Clueless about Who You Are

clueless cute halloween costume group miniskirt

“This costume is so overdone.” As if! I think Clueless is a really great costume choice but isn’t something I see all the time. If you’re going out alone, I think Cher is the most recognizable. If you’re in a group, the costume will be just that much better. And hey, if you aren’t going out, I won’t judge you for dressing up, taking a few pictures, and rewatching the movie. 

For the Perfect Costume, Just Add Butter

How cute is this popcorn costume? It’s a little out of the box, but it’s still cute at the same time. This one is a DIY, so if you’re craftier than I am maybe consider giving this one a shot. You shouldn’t see anyone with the same costume the whole night. If you love the concept but have a little one to carry as you treat-or-treat, this popcorn costume doubles as a baby carrier.

Shut Up! How Could You Not Go as Mia and Lily?

These girls aced this Halloween costume! This is one where everyone might not know who you are right away, but when they find out, they’ll absolutely love it. One way to make it a little more obvious is to wear a crown if you’re Mia, or even make your hair big and frizzy like it was at the beginning for some more context. 

Go as a (Literal) Party Animal

lauren conrad party animals halloween costume

We all know that Lauren Conrad is the queen of simple yet adorable Halloween costumes. One of her best is her "Party Animal" look. We love it not only because it's super easy — just buy any type of animal ears — but it's also super creative. How can you go wrong?

If You're Obsessed with Coffee, Then This One’s For You

gilmore girls cute halloween costume rory lorelai poptart

I don’t know if I could truly pick a favorite from all of these amazing options, but if I could, this just might be it. For Rory, you’ll need a similar school uniform, and for Lorelai, find a turtleneck, jeans, and some knee-high boots that you just might already have in your closet. Add pop tarts or coffee, and done! If you need a third costume idea and you’re all girls, I’ve actually seen some funny ones where girls did a Luke costume. And if you really need a fourth costume, go as Sookie. So cute!

luke gilmore girls cute halloween costume diner shirt hat

You could even make Halloween a Gilmore Girls-inspired fall day and wear your costume all day long!

Channel the '60s with Moonrise Kingdom

moonrise kingdom wes anderson halloween costume

Wes Anderson movies make great costumes. If you're feeling whimsical and vintage, go for Moonrise Kingdom. All you need is a suitcase, beret, and a Peter Pan collar. Bonus points for a suitcase that actually plays records.

Another good one is The Royal Tenenbaums. It'll finally give you an excuse to wear that super-over the top fur coat you splurged on but never wear.


Closing Thoughts

There are absolutely ways to feel cute on Halloween and be in a costume you’re actually comfortable in for once. Yes, these can exist at the same time. Now that you've seen some ideas, start to put something together because Halloween will be here before you know it!

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