13 Ideas To Celebrate Your First Mother’s Day

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Our moms, grandmothers, adoptive moms, and maternal figures should be celebrated every day, but Mother’s Day is truly an excuse to go all out – especially if you’re a first-time mom!

Mother’s Day is the perfect day to pamper yourself, have others around you spoil you as well, and celebrate the unique significance of what it means to be a woman and a mother. Your first Mother’s Day is the ideal time to start creating and honoring special traditions that you can implement for years to come. If you’re coming up short, here are 13 ways to celebrate your first Mother’s Day.

1. Plan a Family Photo Shoot

What better way to acknowledge your first Mother’s Day as a mom than with sweet photos to remember it by? You don’t have to have the flashiest outfit to feel your most beautiful, you're sure to glow no matter what you wear. Find a park, botanical garden, or local spot you and your husband enjoy, hire a photographer (even if that means enlisting a family member or friend!) and snap away. 

2. Book a Facial

Three of the best words you can Google: “facials near me.” If you’ve never splurged on one, your first Mother’s Day is definitely the right excuse. Most estheticians agree there are eight or nine steps in the process, but all the steps are curated to your specific skin type and with your relaxation in mind. Treat yourself to one! You deserve it.

3. Ask Your Hubby for a Relaxing Massage

Why not? You’ve earned it. Get your spouse in on your Mother’s Day festivities by skipping the breakfast in bed and going straight to the relaxation. Bonus points if he incorporates lotion, oils, or candles in your favorite scent. A massage is relaxing all on its own, but one from your husband feels even more meaningful on this special day. 

Bonus points if he incorporates lotion, oils, or candles in your favorite scent.

4. Take Your Own Mom Out to Lunch

Our moms – whether they’re the women who gave birth to us or they’re an important role model in our lives – do so much for us. On Mother’s Day, we can return the favor by treating them to a special meal. With our own newfound motherhood in mind, this is the perfect opportunity to ask their advice and gain insight into their perspective and years of experience.

5. Create a DIY Flower Arrangement

Flowers are one of the most common Mother’s Day gifts, and for good reason. Not only is Mother’s Day emblematic of spring and rebirth, but flowers are a beautiful gesture to show a mom that she’s appreciated. Whether you go to a fancy florist or even your own backyard for the task, creating your own Mother’s Day arrangement can bring a spark of joy and color to your kitchen or bedroom. Why not make one for every room in the house? 

6. Indulge in a Mani/Pedi

This idea is obvious, but the only question is whether to get one before or after your facial. A manicure/pedicure (to pamper the tools moms use and exhaust every day) is the ultimate way to spoil yourself and feel treated, especially if it’s something you don’t do often. Because it’s springtime, you might color-coordinate your fingers and toes with a pop of springtime color which is sure to cheer you up every time you gaze down!

7. Enjoy a Picnic at the Park

Have your husband make your favorite meal, pack it up along with a blanket, and enjoy it in the sunshine. Mother’s Day is oftentimes our last chance to enjoy the fresh newness of springtime before the oppressive heat of summer sets in. Even if your springtime allergies are flaring up – I know mine are – enjoy the good weather for as long as you can, before the responsibilities of house and home reel you back in. 

8. Take a Leisurely Stroll

After your picnic, enjoy a nice, leisurely stroll around your favorite spot, free from the cares and responsibilities of laundry, dirty dishes, vacuuming, or whatever your least favorite chore happens to be. Bonus points if you put your phone on “do not disturb” or leave it at home, and leave the chores to someone else for the day.

9. Bake a Special Treat

Whether your preference is cake, cookies, or another dessert, pick one out from your favorite cookbook, or ask your mom or the other moms in your life for their secret recipe. Whether you make it (and eat it) by yourself or get your spouse to help out, start a new tradition by choosing a Mother’s Day treat you'll make on this day for years to come. 

Pick a Mother’s Day treat you'll make on this day for years to come to celebrate the occasion. 

10. Watch a Classic Movie

There are tons of suggestions and lists out there, but there’s no doubt we probably all have a different movie in mind when we think “Mother’s Day.” Whether it’s a comedy that always gets you in your giggles (see Freaky Friday or Mermaids – a personal favorite!) or a drama that tugs at your heart strings (Stepmom, The Blind Side, Lady Bird), curl up with tissues or your special baked treat and indulge in one of the classics. 

11. Get All Your Mom Friends Together

Whether they all drive mini vans or are still holding on to their cars from college (guilty), your close friends who are also moms will become some of the most important people in your life as a first-time mom. It’s these friends who we’re in the trenches of motherhood with, whether we’re celebrating a potty training success or lamenting bathtime hyperness and lack of sleep. Whether it’s a coffee date, lunch date, or better yet, cocktails, getting your mom pals together on Mother’s Day is a great way for all of you to celebrate together, no matter if you’re on kid number one or number four.

12. Scrapbook Your Mom Memories

Hit the craft store on the big day and go crazy with different colored paper, pens, and scrapbook décor. As a new mom, you can commemorate your first Mother’s Day with all the sentimental items and mementos that you treasure, now in one place. Whether it’s a sonogram, pregnancy announcement, or the pictures from your family photo shoot, add on to it each year with more memories as your family and your kiddos grow.  

13. Celebrate with a Brunch 

Plan a menu, design a tablescape, and break out your calligraphy pen to write those pretty placecards. Invite your mom, mother-in-law, aunts, sisters, other in-laws, mom role models, and pals to celebrate the day all together with a fancy, once-a-year brunch.

Closing Thoughts

All traditions have to start sometime, and the best part is, you get to decide what you want those traditions to be. On your first Mother’s Day, think about all the traditions whether new or old that you want to keep close to your family. Take advantage of it and celebrate in all the different ways you can – it’s your day, mama.

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