13 Creative Gender Reveal Ideas That Won’t Catch A Forest On Fire

A gender reveal party for your precious bundle of joy is always a fun and magical way to soak in the exciting news with close friends and family!

By Melody Rose3 min read
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It’s certainly memorable enough – you don’t need the added surprise of an innocent smoke bomb accidentally setting your trees on fire (I mean there’s enough excitement happening already, right?!).  

While that’s probably unlikely to happen, there are other super adorable ways to announce the sex of your baby other than the infamous smoke bomb method! Here are 15 other classy and creative ways to usher in the surprise.

1. Cut the Cake

Have a professional (or a loved one who’s an amazing cook) bake a cake that has neutral-colored frosting on the outside and blue or pink filling on the inside. When you’re ready to reveal the gender of your unborn, cut into the cake to see what color it is. This is a delicious way to usher in the news!

2. Balloon Pop

This is a thrilling approach to unveiling the secret loud and clear! Have a balloon filled with either blue or pink confetti. Gather everyone around as you pop the balloon and allow your guests to bask in the shower of happiness.

3. Silly String 

Ready to take the party up with a few laughs? This one will do the trick. Pass out unmarked cans of blue or pink silly string to your guests. When you’re ready, have them spray the secret. This is a festive and cheerful way to showcase the announcement.

4. Balloons in a Box

In a decorative box, hide numerous pink or blue helium balloons (attached to strings anchored to the bottom of the box if you’re outside). Bring all family and friends around as you open the box and let the news loose!

Fair warning: You might get tricked by a family member or friend into a furry surprise like this couple!

5. Confetti Umbrella

Let it rain joy! Have pink or blue confetti placed inside an umbrella. Stand under it with your partner and open the umbrella to display the announcement to all your guests in the most charming, picture-perfect way.

6. Bubblegum Bliss

Order pink and blue gum for you and your partner. Gather your guests around as you each blow a bubble. One of you will pop the bubble that’s not the sex of the baby to reveal which one is. This is a cute way to reveal the news!

7. Fortune Cookies

Find a company that specially makes fortune cookies and have them insert “It’s a girl!” or “It’s a boy!” This is the perfect way to break the news intimately with a small party. If your party is larger, see if the company can accommodate making fortune cookies for all your guests and coordinate opening them at the same time.

8. Scratch Tickets

Because you know everyone’s itching to know if it’s a boy or girl, have specially made scratch tickets! When everyone’s ready, pass out the cards and scrape off the coating to unveil the gender.

9. Ocean Plunge

Have some brave friends? Good! Have one dress in pink and the other dress in blue. Bring everyone down to the beach and have them both stand in the ocean (or lake or the edge of the pool). Then have someone else (gently) tackle the one wearing the color that isn’t the sex of the baby, leaving the one who is standing. This idea is sure to leave your guests with a good story to tell!

10. Color Champagne

Who doesn’t love to pop a tasty bottle of champagne to celebrate? Why not have this one reveal the news for you? Have someone else add pink or blue food coloring to the champagne. Both you and your partner can then shake the bottles to let the effervescent news sparkle.

11. Cupid’s Arrow 

This one may take a couple of tries, but the added suspense will make it even more exciting! For this idea, fill a balloon with blue or pink paint and tack it to a canvas. With a bow and arrow, strike the balloon to release the gender! Alternatively, you could throw darts.

12. Confetti Cannons

1…2…3…shoot! Both you and your partner stand side by side with a confetti cannon filled with pink or blue confetti. When you’re ready, countdown and let it pop. This one is impossible to perform without a smile!

13. Wrestling Babies

No, not actual babies wrestling. If you’re willing to get creative (and silly!), this one will take your party up a notch. Have two willing guests wear inflatable boy and girl baby costumes and get in the ring for a predetermined match. (Or hire professionals.) The one who reigns victorious is the answer!

Closing Thoughts

Simple, fun, and totally fire-proof, all of these ideas are beautiful ways to surprise your loved ones and get even more excited for your baby to arrive! Plus, they will provide lots of gorgeous photos to keep in the memory books for years to come.

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