13 Cheap But Amazing Wedding Presents That Will Keep You From Going Broke This Wedding Season

Wedding season is upon us, which means many of us have some serious shopping to do.

By Meghan Dillon3 min read
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Let’s be real – a lot of the gifts on wedding registries are super expensive. Unless you want to spend the cash or decide to split the bill for a Kitchen Aid mixer with someone else, it’s hard to spend money on wedding gifts if you’re on a budget. Luckily for us, there are plenty of fun and inexpensive wedding gifts you can get the bride and groom-to-be that won't empty out your savings.

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1. A “Just Married” Candle

This really goes for anything cute (that you know the couple will like) that says “Just Married,” but there’s something particularly cute about a “Just Married” candle. It won’t last forever, but they can keep the candle jar after it burns out to use as a flower vase, a pen holder, or even just as a keepsake reminder of their newlywed days. You can find plenty of these candles on Etsy or any boutique that sells cute wedding gifts, or you can grab this candle from Macy's.

2. Anything Personalized

From monogrammed tea towels to a “Mr and Mrs est. 2023” sign to a cutting board, this type of gift is perfect because it’s personalized for the couple. Depending on what the couple is like, you can find something elegant or quirky, making this a good gift if you have a fun and creative personality. Or, if you’re the eminently practical type, you could get the same item for each couple, just personalized for them!

3. Fun Drinkware

Similar to getting the couple anything that’s personalized, this gift allows you to cater to the interests of the couple. Whether you want to give them a simple "Hubby and Wifey" mug set or wine glasses with quotes from their favorite show, the couple will enjoy this gift long after the big day.

4. A Mixology Set

When you’re a married couple, you’re likely going to be expected to host and entertain, so why not give a gift that will make this easier for the couple? This handy mixology set will not only help the couple be good hosts, but they can also use this gift as a date night to try new cocktails together.

5. A Cheese Board

Similar to the mixology set, a cheese board is a gift that will make hosting and entertaining guests easier (besides, who doesn’t enjoy a good charcuterie board?). This cheese board is cute but reasonably priced, plus you can get it monogrammed with the couples' initial from their last name.

6. A Throw Blanket

A house isn’t a home without a throw blanket (or five), but it’s annoying how expensive they can be. The least expensive option would be to knit one yourself (which is also super special because it’s a handmade gift), but this checkered blanket from Urban Outfitters is another good option that comes in several different colors.

7. Puzzles or Games

This is another gift that’s great if you know the couple well because you can get them something that will cater to their interests. From this cute Jazz Age puzzle for the couple that loves music to this colorful set of playing cards for any traditional card game, the options are endless.

8. Photo Frames

The chances that the couple will want to frame some of their wedding photos are pretty high, so why not get them a chic frame? You can get them a frame that fits their style or aesthetic, but one of our favorites is this elegant frame collection from Macy's.

9. Jewelry with Coordinates

Whether the location is where they had their first date or where their wedding is, this unique gift is something the couple will cherish forever. You can get jewelry with geographical coordinates on Etsy, but you can also get them custom-made at online boutiques like Eve's Addiction or Sincerely Silver.

10. Date Night Conversation Cards

Sometimes the simple things are what matters the most, and this card game is perfect for a fun date night in. The couple will not only thank you for giving them a fun date night idea (bonus points that they won’t have to leave their couch), but it will also help them grow together.

11. A Newlywed Cookbook

A cute cookbook is always a good wedding gift idea. This cookbook from Anthropologie will give the couple essential recipes to help them learn how to cook and will also give them an activity to bond over.

12. Unique Coasters

Nothing says #adulting (people still say that, right?) like coasters. You can get any type of coaster that will work for the couple, but these polaroid coasters from Urban Outfitters will allow the couple to create coasters with their own photos. How fun is that?

13. A Portable Speaker

From background music at a party to cooking together in the kitchen to a poolside playlist, a portable speaker is a simple way to upgrade spending time together. This one is super cute and shockingly affordable.

Closing Thoughts

From personalized gifts to newlywed cookbooks, there are plenty of inexpensive wedding gifts you can buy for the future bride and groom. Being on a budget doesn’t mean you have to settle for a boring gift, so feel free to get creative while picking out a gift.

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