12 Summer Fragrances To Make You Smell Like You Just Came From The Beach

Sometimes there’s nothing more refreshing for the mind, body, and spirit than a day at the beach. With these tropical fragrances, you can take those beachy, laid-back vibes with you wherever you go – even if you're miles from a shoreline.

By Renée Walton1 min read
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Shutterstock/ - Yuri A

Nothing says summer like a day on the shore. And with temperatures starting to rise, we can’t get to the sun and surf soon enough. There’s something so liberating about a beach day – about letting go of day-to-day stress and soaking in the present – that makes it the perfect summer soul food. Craving those beach day vibes too? Then check out these 12 tropical-inspired fragrances that will have you smelling like a carefree beach babe (perfect for your summer mermaidcore aesthetic) – even if you can’t make it to the ocean. 

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