11 Products That Will Actually Help With Your Anxiety

11 Products That Will Actually Help With Your Anxiety

By Renée Walton1 min read
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It’s easy to see that as a society, we’re experiencing a mental health crisis. Anxiety levels are on the rise worldwide, and depression rates among U.S. teen girls have skyrocketed over the past several years. Three in 5 teen girls state they felt “persistently sad or hopeless,” which is a nearly 60% increase since 2011 and the highest level reported in the past decade. In the past few years alone, we’ve experienced Covid-19 lockdowns, racial unrest, and political chaos, all of which may have contributed to an overall sense of dread.

So how do we overcome this and become a healthier, happier society? One thing is for sure: social connection matters. Talking to someone you trust – a therapist or even just a close friend – can be extremely beneficial in reducing anxiety and boosting our mood. Additionally, exercise, a proper diet, and mindfulness can decrease our anxiety levels as well.  

All that said, it’s helpful to have a few tools handy when those anxious thoughts start to creep in. Here are 11 products that will actually help with your anxiety.     

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