11 Feminine Perfumes Guaranteed To Embody A Cozy Autumn Aesthetic

That crispness in the air and desire to slow down and get cozy can only mean one thing: Autumn is here. And with the change in seasons comes some of the most comforting scents of the year. Get ready for fall scents that give us sugar and spice and everything nice.

By Renée Walton1 min read
Pexels/Frosty Ilze

OTK boots? Check. Oversized sweater? Check. Cashmere everything and a PSL in hand? Check and check. The only thing needed to cap off the ultimate autumn girl aesthetic is the perfect fall scent

While autumn fragrance notes tend to lean masculine, we’ve rounded up a few go-tos that feel soft, warm, and feminine – think woodsy and spicy with a hint of floral. Looking for a way to embrace the season with a cozy autumn fragrance? Read on to find your new signature fall scent.  

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