10 Ways To Refresh Your Home This Spring Without Spending A Fortune

Spring is here, meaning it’s time to do some spring cleaning and refresh your space. Many of us may want to redecorate our homes, but it’s tough to do that on a budget.

By Meghan Dillon2 min read
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Luckily for you, there are plenty of inexpensive (and sometimes free) ways to redecorate and refresh your home. Many of these tips require you to get creative, so why not have a little fun while saving money?

1. Start with Decluttering

Before you start redecorating, consider decluttering your home to see how it makes you feel, and take note if you like the way your home looks. Sometimes you just need to declutter instead of redecorating, but if you decide to redecorate after you're done dusting away the cobwebs and donating unwanted items, consider our tips below.

2. Keep Your Eyes Peeled for Sales

While there are plenty of places to get inexpensive home decor, like Target, Walmart, TJ Maxx, and Home Goods, it’s always a good idea to keep an eye on sales. The only thing better than getting high-quality home decor for an affordable price is getting it while it’s on sale. Don’t forget about coupons for places like Michaels and Hobby Lobby!

3. Go Thrifting 

Going to a thrift store is often a hit-or-miss experience. Sometimes you’ll find several great things, and sometimes you’ll hate everything there, but that’s part of the thrift store experience. Luckily, some of the best things you can find at a thrift store are furniture and home decor items. Embrace your inner treasure hunter and check out your local thrift store for furniture and home decor items – you’ll thank us later. Estate sales and Facebook Marketplace are two other options for finding secondhand goods for cheap.

4. Try Fabric Flowers

While nothing can compare to the scent of beautiful and fresh flowers, they can be very expensive. If you like flowers purely for the aesthetic, it’s not a bad idea to buy fake or fabric flowers at your local craft store. The best part about these flowers is that you can get creative and reuse them. Search flower crafts on Pinterest and see what you can create.

5. DIY It

Speaking of creativity, channel your inner DIY goddess and check Pinterest or TikTok for DIY redecorating tips. One popular one is to repaint your wooden furniture (just make sure that the products you use are safe to use on wood). It’s super simple, but it’s also the cheapest way to make it look like you bought a new piece of furniture.

6. Paint an Accent Wall

Repainting a room can completely transform it without changing any of the furniture, as long as you make sure that the furniture still goes with the wall. While repainting all four walls is a good idea, painting one wall as an accent can also make a huge difference. For example, three walls can be beige, and one wall can be pale blue. It gives the room a pop of color, a focal point, and makes it more fun. Plus, it’s less expensive (and less work) than painting all four walls.

7. Rearrange Your Furniture

Have you ever visited a friend who rearranged their furniture, but it looked so different that you thought they redecorated the entire room? That speaks to the power of rearranging your furniture. It seems simple, but it works wonders and literally costs you nothing, so why not give it a try?

8. Small Accents Make a Big Difference 

On the theme of small things making a big difference, adding a small accent like a cute rug or piece of wall art can add character to any room. The best part about this is a lot of these small pieces are inexpensive, so you’ll save plenty of money while putting in little effort to make a big impression.

9. Use What You Already Have

You’d be surprised to see how many things you already have in your home that can be used for something else. Get crafty and find a DIY craft for some old Mason jars in your kitchen or use a book as a centerpiece. The possibilities are endless, and it’s a good idea to search for ideas on Pinterest or TikTok.

10. Etsy Is Your New Best Friend

From pretty prints to hang in your home to the cutest accent pieces that serve as conversation starters, Etsy is a great place to find affordable decor. One of the best parts of Etsy is that you’re supporting small businesses while getting high-quality products, and you can also find plenty of handmade products outside of home decor. It’s truly a win-win.

Closing Thoughts

From fun and creative DIY products to searching for inexpensive decor, redecorating your home on a budget can be a fun and creative adventure. Take advantage of the reenergizing feeling that spring brings and refresh your home!

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