10 Compliments To Give Your Man Besides “You Look Good”

It’s always nice to be complimented, so why not try to step up your approach?

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
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If there’s one thing every woman alive can attest to, it’s that a small compliment from the guy we’re seeing can go a really long way. Just hearing a simple, “You look beautiful tonight,” can change our entire attitude and put a little pep in our step.

Guys are taught this – the importance of giving compliments to their significant other – early on. They’re told how meaningful it is to us for them to say something nice about our dress, to tell us how lucky he feels to have us, to express just how much he loves us…and often.

And yet, while we know how much we love to receive heartfelt compliments, we assume that guys don’t care about compliments like we do. We don’t stop to consider that he might really like to hear a kind, loving, thoughtful compliment every now and then from us. But what are we supposed to say? What do guys want to be complimented on? Is it enough to just say, “You look good”?

While no one would be upset to hear that their significant other thinks they look good, this is sort of the bare minimum when it comes to compliments (wouldn’t it hurt if that’s all your guy ever said to you?). Here are 10 compliments you can give your guy that will mean so much more to him than just “You look good.”

“I love your smile.”

Want to immediately get an enormous, childlike smile out of him? Tell him how much you adore his smile. It’s a sweet, simple compliment that will let him know he doesn’t need to keep his guard up around you – you love the real him.

“Your hair looks really good – are you doing something new to it?”

It’s not just us ladies who fiddle with our hair (often for much longer than we mean to) and hope someone will notice. Tell him how much you love his mane – he’ll feel so good about himself.  

“You’re the funniest person I’ve ever met.”

Sure, we all love to crack a good joke and get some recognition for our incredible wit. But having a winning sense of humor is all the more important to guys. After all, isn’t making you laugh one of the most attractive things a guy can do?

“I love your body.”

Any woman will tell you that hearing these words means the absolute world to her; body standards have made many of us feel left out, unattractive, not woman enough. But what we don’t realize is that guys have their own unrealistic body standards (G. I. Joe, anyone?) that cause them countless insecurities. Assure him that you love his body.

“You’re so insightful.”

We all love to be complimented physically, but don’t limit yourself to what the naked eye can see. Give him props for his idea about your work problem, or his thoughtful advice on how to fix things with your friend. Show him that you value his input.

“You look so handsome in that shirt.”

Women aren’t alone in our desire to look so good in our brand new jeans that our guy just has to say something about how incredible we look. Guys like to hear this too. So the next time he pulls out a brand new shirt (or anything else), build his confidence up by telling him how handsome he is.

“You smell incredible.”

Is there a man in the world who wouldn’t want to hear this from his woman? A simple compliment like this will put him in the best mood and make him feel wanted.

“You know so much about this. Tell me more.”

Guys long to feel like they have something unique to offer their significant other, and to be recognized for their knowledge. The next time he launches into a happy tangent about something, show interest in what he has to say.

“You did an amazing job.”

Don’t we all like to feel competent, to have our hard work acknowledged, and to be praised for our efforts? He probably doesn’t hear “great job” from his boss all that often – be the person who makes him feel seen and appreciated for his hard work.

“You’re a good man.”

With all we hear about toxic, abusive, and immature guys, the one question he probably often asks himself is: “Am I good?” Praise him for his most noble, mature, respectable qualities. Assure him that he is indeed a good man. 

Closing Thoughts

Receiving compliments isn’t a favorite pastime for the ladies only. Men love being praised, talked up, and flattered just as much – and these compliments will have him walking on cloud nine.

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