Zorro And Elena From “The Mask Of Zorro” Are Total Couple Goals

By Keelia Clarkson··  3 min read
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A story of redemption, fighting for the greater good, romance, and heroism, “The Mask of Zorro” offers us a perfect example of couple goals.

Set in California in 1821, The Mask of Zorro tells the story of Alejandro Murietta (Antonio Banderas), a young bandit turned Robin Hood-esque hero. After witnessing the murder of his brother, Alejandro meets Don Diego de la Vega (Anthony Hopkins), by whom he is groomed and trained to be the new Zorro — the enigmatic, masked defender of the Mexican peasants and commoners of Las Californias.


Along the journey of becoming Zorro, Alejandro crosses paths with Elena (Catherine Zeta-Jones), a fiery young woman, and is immediately captivated by her beauty. Through the trials and tribulations of his new life as Zorro, and Elena’s discovery of her hidden past, the two fall madly in love. 

While a love story that takes place so long ago may feel challenging to relate to for those of us dating today, Zorro and Elena’s passionate romance is not only one to be jealous of and look up to as we search for romance, but they’re also #CoupleGoals.

They Were Love at First Sight but Took Their Time

For Zorro and Elena, the attraction was undeniable. From the very first moment their eyes met, we knew they’d have a special connection, one lasting far longer than just the night. But perhaps the most heartening aspect of their immediate connection was the fact that it took them most of the movie to actually get together. They could’ve rushed into a relationship, but their passion likely would’ve burned out quickly. Instead, they allowed it to build, so their impending romance had more than just physical attraction beneath it.   

Elena and Zorro fighting

He Could’ve Had Anyone, but He Chose Her

Let’s be real: Zorro is a pretty cool guy. A mysterious, rule-breaking, confident swordsman will never be out of style with us ladies. But what made Zorro different from the vast majority of bad boys who have broken many a heart was his willingness to commit to one woman. He could’ve hopped around from town to town, fighting for the people, wooing countless women, doing whatever he pleased. But he didn’t. He saw a beautiful life with Elena and chose to be with her.

Elena and Zorro dancing

She Loved the Real Him

Growing up with great wealth, Elena could’ve turned out to be really spoiled and materialistic, especially when it came to searching for a life partner. But it’s clear that Elena’s interest in Zorro goes deeper than what he can offer to her financially. Zorro’s appeal to her didn’t waver, even after Elena found out he wasn’t the rich man he pretended to be. In fact, their connection only deepened when Zorro revealed his true identity to her.

elena finds out

They Made an Incredible Team

Possibly the best part of Zorro and Elena’s relationship was their ability to band together as a team and defeat evil. We’ve all known guys who underestimate every woman’s bravery and physical power — but Zorro knew better than that. When faced with danger so grave that his life hung in the balance, Zorro knew he could count on Elena to help guide him to victory. I guess couples who fight together, stay together!

zorro and elena saving everyone

Closing Thoughts

It’s important as we search for love, whether we’re single, newly dating, or in a committed relationship, that we’re given a clear image of a couple we can look up to: a couple whose physical attraction isn’t the sole basis of their relationship, who are deeply committed to one another, who both feel loved for who they truly are, who can join forces and become invincible — a couple like Zorro and Elena.

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