The Same People Who Attack "Science Deniers" Are Now Promoting Actual Magic

By Keelia Clarkson··  3 min read
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You Can’t Believe In Science And Magic At The Same Time

We’ve all heard, especially this year, the term “anti-science” thrown around with utter disdain — and it makes sense as to why.

To be anti-science is to self-centeredly ignore all the ways we’re hurting our beautiful planet, and oftentimes, each other. The world we know is constantly threatened with the reality of climate change and our negative impact on marine ecosystems, yet we see this regularly ignored.

On a more human level, I’m sure we’ve all been a fly on the wall for many a Facebook fight, whether it be anti-vax vs. pro-vax, or these days, the ongoing battle between anti-maskers and pro-maskers, or those who don’t trust Dr. Fauci and those who live by whatever he says. It feels like we can’t agree on how to read statistics or even on what a fact is (remember alternative facts?) anymore.

It feels like we can’t agree on how to read statistics or even on what a fact is anymore.

And honestly, yes, science is extremely important for us to pay attention to — and I’m thankful for those who’ve made scientific discoveries their life’s purpose. But perhaps the most interesting development of late is the tendency of those who tout their superiority due to their unshakable belief in science to also believe in…magic?

Being Pro-Magic Means You’re Anti-Science

When I came across this article about sex magick, a “craft that’s meant to use the energy created during sexual arousal to manifest hopes, dreams, and intentions,” I had to hope it was a joke. This, coming from a site that indicates a supposed allegiance to spreading truth, writing articles based on science and fact — an organization that strongly believes misinformation should be censored, that uses science to debunk coronavirus myths?

It’s often the very same people who assert devotion to scientific fact, who hold beliefs that are laughably anti-science. 

However, it’s often the very same people who smugly assert their exceptional intelligence and devotion to scientific fact, who also hold beliefs that are laughably anti-science — believing that zodiac signs have any merit whatsoever, basing Biden and Harris’ chances of winning the election on their star charts, and promoting magic spells involving tarot cards, calling upon Egyptian gods and goddesses to be filled with a sense of pleasure, and using the new moon and candle wax to cast a friendship spell. But yeah, they totally care about science.

Science Isn’t Here To Be Weaponized

Supporting magic spells and checking star charts to predict election outcomes shows a profound lack of regard for science, fact, and truth. There’s really no way around it, considering the fact that NASA has regularly debunked astrology. So this begs the question: Why are the same people who believe magic pretending to care about science?

Science is consistently used as a means of shutting down an opinion we don’t like.

We’ve reached a point in time where science is consistently used as a means of shutting down an opinion we don’t like, from a person who holds political beliefs we don’t like. We put on our science-believer hat in order to disprove someone’s (sometimes admittedly unfactual) opinion, and then take it off when we’re ready to worship the moon or achieve our wildest dreams through sex magick. This is essentially using science as a weapon whenever it suits us, instead of treating it with the respect we expect others to. In the end, this is just a mystical, exotic way of being anti-science.

Closing Thoughts

It’s important, even necessary, that we look to science not just to shut others down, not just when it serves an opinion we already hold, but to inform ourselves, see intellectual growth, and a true commitment to reality.

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