The Worst Movies That Are Rated Higher Than Mindy Kaling's 'Velma' On IMDB—Which Is So Terrible It Even Dethroned 'Dragonball Evolution'

If you thought "Dragonball Evolution" or "Birdemic" was bad, wait 'til you hear what movies topped Mindy Kaling's "Velma" on IMDB.

By Nicole Dominique2 min read

Velma, the new HBO Max series starring executive producer Mindy Kaling as the main character herself, premiered on January 12. It's only been four days, and it's already received endless criticism for its "wokeness" and poor jokes. In fact, it's so bad that it has 1.7/10 stars on IMDB – "dethroning" the 2009 film Dragonball Evolution on the website, which stands at a horrible rating of 2.5.

The show isn't only highly critiqued for its bad attempt at humor (or the try-hard edginess that comes off as cringey), but it's also disliked by many simply because Velma is more like Mindy, if anything. The intelligent, adorable girl we all knew and loved from Scooby-Doo just isn’t there in Velma. Instead, we're given a condescending, bratty teen girl with an unlikeable gang.

“the fact that Velma is just an obvious self insert for mindy kaling is so f*cking lame,” writes @amorgus_ on Twitter, “the main character of this show isn’t Velma. It’s mindy. Mf is literally just writing a fanfic about herself that appeals to literally no one.”

“Like she has zero traits in common with Velma but has everything in common with mindy,” adds another user.

You get the point. Velma is doing horribly in terms of ratings, for many reasons. "The Scooby-Doo for adults" just isn’t working, and it’s evident on IMDB. Just take a look at all of these movies that are deemed the “worst of all time" and are rated higher than the show. 

Bad Movies That Have a Higher Rating Than Velma on IMDB

The Last Airbender – 4.0

The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl 3-D – 3.7

Dumb and Dumberer: When Harry Met Lloyd – 3.4

Cats – 2.8 

From Justin to Kelly – 1.9

Dragonball Evolution – 2.5

Epic Movie – 2.4

Son of the Mask – 2.2

The Hottie & the Nottie – 1.9

Superbabies: Baby Geniuses 2 – 1.5

Birdemic: Shock and Terror – 1.7

Disaster Movie – 1.9

Closing Thoughts

This week, Mindy proudly shared on Twitter that Velma was HBO Max's most-viewed animated premiere ever! The responses were brutal, to say the least: "I am paralysed from the waist down," writes @Tumnoossy, "after 20 years in a wheelchair I finally stood up to turn your show off."

Velma has only released two episodes so far, and the animated series is still set to air until February 9, 2023. There's no telling what direction the show will take after the backlash, but let's hope they take people's constructive criticism into consideration.

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