Women In Red: The Surprising History Of International Women's Day

By S.G. Cheah
·  6 min read
1917 International Women's Day - Petrograd public domain wikimedia commons
Public Domain

Since everybody who is somebody cool (like Meghan Markle, Beyonce, Taylor Swift) will be honoring International Women's Day on March 8th, the celebration is giving out strong FOMO vibes for all womankind to join in commemorating the day’s festivities. But before you decide to participate in the celebration, do take note and be wary about the origins of this holiday.

In honor of International Women’s Day, allow me to quote the statement made by Vladimir Lenin, who presided over the first official March 8th celebration of this day in Russia:

“For under capitalism the female half of the human race is doubly oppressed. The working woman and the peasant woman are oppressed by capital, but over and above that—they remain in ‘household bondage,’ they continue to be ‘household slaves,’ for they are overburdened with the drudgery of the most squalid, backbreaking and stultifying toil in the kitchen and the family household.”

“The second and most important step is the abolition of the private ownership of land and the factories. This and this alone opens up the way towards a complete and actual emancipation of woman, her liberation from ‘household bondage’ through transition from petty individual housekeeping to large-scale socialised domestic services.”

Oh? That wasn’t what you expected him to say about International Women’s Day? 

russia 1917 womens day public domain wikimedia commons
International Women’s Day demonstration in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1917. Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

The original name for this event was International Working Women’s Day. It was organized by Vladimir Lenin as a token of appreciation to his Bolshevik supporters which included the women who helped to bring about the Russian October Revolution in 1918. With the overthrow and the assassination of the Russian Czar and his entire young family, Lenin was able to implement his revolutionary ideas which his feminist sisters of today hold dear. 

Feminist Values = Leninist Values

Lenin’s Bolsheviks, after their success in the Russian Revolution, gave women the right to abortion in 1920. It was mostly done to abolish the inconvenience for women who found themselves with a child in a situation where they can’t afford to raise them. And as a proud Communist would remind you, Soviet Russia was the first country on earth to legalize abortion. Women also were also given the right to maternity leave for up to one year. Pregnancy consultation centers were built. Lenin pretty much provided everything the feminist of today demands.

But before you applaud Lenin for his seemingly generous benevolence on behalf of young mothers and women, know that he implemented these policies out of practical necessity. As you can see, the Bolsheviks came into power by pushing the idea of the liberation of women and the transformation of the family. And in order to mobilize women into the glorious Communist revolution, women couldn’t be left at home where their energy and talent would be focused on serving the family. Instead, women were expected to dedicate their lives to the betterment of society. 

Feminist Adherence to Their Communist Heritage

It’s the same reason why feminists today condemn women who choose to excuse themselves from the workforce in favor of a life of domesticity. Lenin spoke often of the importance of relieving women from housework so they could participate more fully in society. To a Communist, the housewife is wasting her potential by not playing her part as a valuable participant of societal revolution. She won’t have the time or the energy because housewifery is more concerned with serving the needs of her own spouse and children, i.e. her private family.,_Go_into_Cooperatives_(1918).jpeg
1918 poster: “Women, go to cooperatives.” Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons.

It would be interesting for you to know that the “equal pay for equal work” slogan that is so popularly peddled by feminists today was officially legislated for the first time by Lenin’s Bolshevik government. Keep this in mind whenever feminists act as if their crusade against the gender pay gap is a fresh, groundbreaking movement. Kindly remind your feminist friend that the idea originated from stodgy Soviet Bolsheviks who massively ruined half the world’s economy for over a century.

It’s Not Too Late To Reject Feminism

But women should not feel dumb for being duped by feminism. Most women join feminism because they were attracted to the promise of a better life for they believe in a brighter future. Women are more likely to form relationships to inspire and encourage each other. And just like LuLaRoe’s predatory network marketing, feminism too preys on this female aspirational spirit in order to push their agenda. 

Feminism preys on this female aspirational spirit in order to push their agenda.

No pyramid scheme would openly say, “Give us your life and we will destroy it.” No, they tell you, “If you join us, you will be achieving the best life for yourself!” It’s in the nature of these things to prey on the person’s best version within themselves in order to sell them the scam.

Thus, I feel sorry for the women who bought into feminism the same way I feel bad for the women who bought into LuLaRoe. I don’t fault them for falling for the feminist con because that’s how feminism dupes women – by selling the ideas of Communism as “women’s empowerment.” They’re basically victims who have been deceived into joining a program that will ultimately ruin their life. 

What Are They Celebrating Exactly?

The way I see it, International Women’s Day is a celebration similar to when LuLaRoe brought their highest performers who recruited the most people on their celebratory cruise trips. Their claim is that the cruise was organized to celebrate the achievements of their most successful sales consultants. But what was LuLaRoe celebrating really? To me, it appears that they’re celebrating the massive exploitation of unsuspecting women – just like feminism celebrates International Women’s Day. 

It appears that they’re celebrating the massive exploitation of unsuspecting women.

Closing Thoughts

I personally won’t be celebrating International Woman’s Day because I reject today’s feminism for good reasons. I don’t want to be defined by my gender because I refuse to perpetuate the idea of a society that is stratified into different social classes. The beauty of America is that, because it is a classless society, all individuals are equal. 

Feminism, on the other hand, pits women against men, which essentially creates a gendered class warfare in America. We have already gone through the American Revolution – which was the first of its type in the history of mankind. It was a revolution to protect individual rights, gender notwithstanding. If I am still compelled to celebrate something gender-specific, I’d celebrate being a woman in America every day.