Women Are Tired Of Being Gaslit About The Covid Vaccine’s Side Effects And Social Media Proves It

It’s been three years since the Covid vaccine was released to the public. Since then, we’ve been told a variety of – sometimes conflicting – things.

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We were told: If we took the shot, we wouldn’t get the virus or pass it along to anyone else. If we took the shot, we might get the virus, but it wouldn’t be that bad. If we took the shot, it wouldn’t stop us from getting the virus, but it would prevent us from having to go to the hospital. The message kept changing from one second to the next, and the news anchors on all the mainstream media sites kept changing their reporting along with it like the obedient puppets they are.

To make matters worse, many people were coerced into getting the coronavirus vaccine (even when they didn’t need it or want it) to keep their jobs or stay in school. People lost their livelihood, got fired, and even lost friends or families if they refused to follow along and get the series of shots. It has been a devastating thing to witness and even more devastating to endure. Eventually, the truth started to come out, and more and more people woke up to the fact that we were lied to about this experimental vaccine – in huge ways.

And yet, there are still media outlets that are attempting to push the vaccine narrative and convince people to get the shot. Fortunately, people aren’t falling for it anymore. On November 26, Women’s Health Magazine posted a graphic on their Instagram page that encouraged women to get their updated Covid shot. Let’s just say it didn’t go so well. 

Women’s Health Magazine Tried To Sell the Covid Vaccine 

The graphic read, “Doctors say it’s a good idea to get your updated Covid Vaccine ASAP,” and it went on to say that it’s perfectly safe to get your flu shot at the same time you get your Covid shot. Apparently, Dr. Amesh A. Adalja, a scholar at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security, confirmed this to be true. The magazine also published an article to accompany this social media post, which gave a plethora of information on where (and why) to get your updated vaccine. 

But the Women’s Health Magazine Instagram account, which has more than two million followers, wasn’t expecting the backlash it got in the comment section. Thousands of women came out to tell the magazine that they weren’t going to fall for this nonsense. 

“You haven’t seen all of the problems with periods, infertility, and spontaneous abortions? Are you a women’s health mag or a pharma mag?” one woman wrote. 

“Are you guys serious about posting this?? Lost my total respect for you!” another woman commented. 

“Lol. & this is supposed to be a ‘health’ magazine. Unfollowing this lol,” one woman wrote. 

“You can shove Covid and the vaccine where the sun don’t shine. Political hoax,” a woman said. 

The comments went on and on like this for a long time, and it’s quite entertaining. Many people were expecting the magazine to turn off the comment section altogether. Women were coming forward to announce that they were going to unfollow Women’s Health because they were furious about the fact that a health publication would shove this kind of propaganda on women. And their anger is perfectly understandable, considering how much women have been gaslit about the Covid vaccine. 

Women Have Been Gaslit about the Covid Vaccine for Far Too Long

A study conducted in June 2021 by researchers, including Dr. Kathryn Clancy and Dr. Katherine Lee, examined the effects of Covid vaccines on the menstrual cycles of 39,129 women who had received two vaccine doses at least two weeks prior. These women received vaccines from various pharmaceutical companies, such as Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca, Johnson & Johnson, and Novavax. The study aimed to investigate the impact of Covid vaccines on menstrual cycles, particularly focusing on whether the vaccines could disrupt them. Notably, both Dr. Clancy and Dr. Lee had experienced menstrual changes post-vaccination, which prompted their interest in this subject.

The research excluded perimenopausal women and specifically focused on women over 18 with regular menstrual cycles. Among the findings, 42.1% of women reported a heavier menstrual flow after vaccination, with many experiencing these changes within the first seven days post-vaccine. Some observed these alterations 8-14 days following vaccination.

The study highlighted that increased bleeding was a real and mechanistically plausible side effect experienced by a significant number of women. Certain factors, such as age, previous pregnancies or childbirth, and hyperproliferative reproductive conditions, were associated with an increased likelihood of experiencing this side effect.

42.1% of women reported a heavier menstrual flow after vaccination.

Dr. Clancy explained that the uterus is an immune organ, and vaccine-induced immune system activation can affect the uterine lining's bleeding and clotting patterns. She emphasized the need for more clinical trials to understand better how Covid-19 vaccines affect women's menstrual cycles.

The authors stressed the importance of including questions about menstrual periods in vaccine trials and extending adverse reporting periods to at least 14 days since some participants reported experiencing heavy periods outside the typical 7-day window used in trial designs. Unfortunately, some individuals who participated in vaccine trials and reported menstrual disruptions were dismissed as perimenopausal, highlighting the need for more comprehensive assessment of vaccine side effects.

Overall, the study supported the claims of women who had experienced changes in their menstrual cycles after vaccination, providing validation for their concerns and emphasizing the necessity for further research in this area. For months after the Covid vaccine was released, women talked about the menstrual changes they experienced after getting the shot. A friend of mine even told me she bled for 30 days straight – and quite literally thought she was going to die. Doctors told her it was just a weird cycle, and it had nothing to do with the vaccine she just got. Unfortunately, this type of experience was all too common. 

In February 2023, a group of independent journalists, Project Veritas, led by James O'Keefe, released footage featuring a Pfizer employee who acknowledged that the Covid vaccine affects women's hormonal cycles. This revelation contradicted previous claims by medical experts and vaccine promoters that such concerns were unfounded. The Pfizer Director of Research and Development of Strategic Operations and mRNA Scientific Planning, Jordon Trishton Walker, expressed concern about the vaccine's impact on women's menstrual cycles. He admitted that there was something irregular happening but acknowledged not knowing precisely what it was.

In the video, Walker, who is a urologist, recognized that the vaccine should not interfere with the hypothalamus, pituitary gland, or hormones related to the menstrual cycle. He conceded that if such a scandal were to emerge, it would be damaging to Pfizer's reputation.

The video also revealed discussions about mRNA technology beyond Covid, hinting at a range of applications, including gene editing. Walker suggested that Pfizer was exploring applications beyond addressing viruses. Regarding liability for vaccine injuries, Walker did not believe Pfizer would be held liable, although he acknowledged the potential for a scandal and criticism due to societal, government, and job-related pressures to promote vaccination.

Closing Thoughts

Still, after all this, publications like Women’s Health are pushing the vaccine on women and telling them that it’s good for their health. But it’s heartening to know that few are falling for the charade anymore. Women are finally standing up to quack publications and calling them out in public forums, because the cat’s out of the bag. There is far too much information out there indicating that we were right all along: The Covid vaccine wreaks havoc on many women’s health and menstrual cycle, and there’s no reason we should pretend otherwise. 

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