Woman Shares Pregnant Selfie On X, And Muslim Men Condemn Her And Call Her A "Degenerate Hoe"

A 24-year-old Muslim woman shared an innocent pregnant selfie on X only to be "bullied and harrassed" by men.

By Meredith Evans2 min read

On February 19, 2024, a young woman shared a selfie photo on X (formerly Twitter). @halalfrijole wore a brown hijab and a long black dress. She's excited to be a mom. "33 weeks but who’s counting 🥹💓," she captioned it.

I thought she'd receive plenty of "congratulations" or people sharing their excitement with her. The post received 30.6 million views and a lot of hatred. Muslim men found the photo, and they condemned her for "showing the shape of her figure," as if she had control over her protruding belly and pregnant breasts. What is natural, innate – the female form – was looked down upon. In Islam, a vulgar depiction of the female or male body is not allowed, and to think that the image she shared is vulgar is frightening. To me, she's simply existing. "she is wrong showing all this is impermissible- she is literally showing shape of her breasts and tummy which our prophet forbade. May Allah guide this degenerate h0e to islam," wrote @mujahidtalib786.

@SODMG213 commented, "Very pathetic to tweet your stomach like this. VILE woman with no MODESTY."

Others described her behavior as immodest. One woman said, "Y'all may disagree w me but this is not how Muslim women are. They don't post their pregnancy pics like this for other men to see. This is ur private time.Ik u're happy but not everything is meant to be posted. Her husband must be a coward not knowing what his wife is posting."

Plenty of men told her to delete the photo. "delete for yourself at first inshAllah this totally goes against the rules of modesty that the Prophet and the shabiyat have teach us [sic]," @AmBlk8 said.

Naturally, the Muslim men who came for the young woman received backlash. Anna Slatz of Reduxx tweeted, "a certain religious group’s men are so funny because they’ll drink, sleep around, watch porn, warm the balls of pimps like Andrew Taint, rape, lie, mooch, and abuse yet can quote the exact verses of scripture a pregnant woman is violating simply by visibly existing."

Someone named Meera added, "muslim twitter is absolutely disgusting. you know how deeply porn addicted majority of you are if you can’t even look at a pregnant sister without thinking such vile things? a bunch of hypocrites hiding behind a screen who use islam to cover their resentment towards women."

It's unfortunate, but this need to control women is not unique to Islam, as we've seen on social media. Women face criticism daily for being themselves, even when they're not showing off their bodies.

This oppression is worse in some Muslim countries. In the summer of 2022, Mahsa Jina Amini died in a hospital in Tehran under suspicious circumstances after she was arrested for allegedly improperly wearing a hijab. Women stopped covering their heads in protest.

I suspect that more women will stand up against tyranny and the men who want to oppress them. They desire a life free from discrimination and violence. For the young mom-to-be, she decided to keep her photo up in protest. "Deleting this would only reaffirm to muslim men that they can bully and harass muslim women online into submission," she said.

"No one has made Islam look bad except the vile comments from other muslims. Your words don’t deserve the privilege of privacy. May you never escape them."

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