Woman Apprehended By Police After "Misgendering" The Newly Trans-Identified Man Who Physically And Sexually Abused Her

While seeking treatment at a facility for the abuse she endured, she was reported for "offending" a transgender individual.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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There have been some harrowing stories emerging from the trans agenda lately, such as a man in the UK who was found guilty of raping two women and was moved to an all-female prison because he suddenly identified as a trans woman. These moves are heavily supported by activists and progressives because they claim this is the compassionate way to "affirm" people's gender identity. But it's clear to see that people's so-called gender identity is now being used as a shield to prevent them from being properly punished for a crime or as a tool to punish others who speak out against them. A frightening story from the UK emerges once again, as reported by Reduxx and The Publica. A woman named Toni Smith (her last name has been changed to protect her privacy) has been contacted by local police for her supposedly "transphobic" behavior.

Woman Apprehended by Police after "Misgendering" the Newly Trans-Identified Man Who Physically and Sexually Abused Her

Smith recently revealed that she was summoned by the Derbyshire Police for allegedly displaying "transphobic" behavior during her stay at Chesterfield Royal Hospital’s mental health unit. Smith had checked into the facility following a traumatic episode linked to her past abuse by a trans-identified male.

Smith, a survivor of physical and sexual abuse, shared her story in an exclusive joint report with Reduxx and The Publica. She described how her ex-boyfriend, a man who now calls himself transgender, began physically assaulting her after expressing his desire to transition.

Smith, who had not been involved in the gender ideology debate, was initially supportive of her partner's transition. However, his behavior drastically changed after he "transitioned," escalating into horrific physical abuse, which she alleged included strangulation and violence. The deterioration of their relationship and the depraved abuse only started after his gender identity came into question.

Smith provided videos, which depict instances of the abuse, including an episode where her ex-partner admitted to spraying a household cleaning disinfectant down her throat. Despite this, no charges were ultimately pursued by the Derbyshire Police.

The trauma from this abusive relationship had significant impacts on Smith's mental health, leading her to seek help from Chesterfield Hospital in January 2023. In the hospital's psychiatric facility, Smith struck up a friendship with a non-binary patient. This person overheard Smith discussing what happened with her ex-boyfriend and began to speak loudly in favor of trans rights. Smith knew this was directed at her and responded; this resulted in a heated conversation with a nurse about the non-binary patient’s gender identity, causing further distress.

“She was standing in the communal area, shouting ‘trans women are women,’” Smith said. “She was shouting it. This wasn’t a private conversation.”

This episode ultimately led to a complaint from Smith's new partner about the nurse's conduct and increased Smith’s distrust in the hospital staff. About a month after her discharge, Smith was issued a notice from Derbyshire Police, summoning her for a formal interview over her alleged "public order offense." Smith defended herself and said she was simply exercising her right to freedom of speech.

Sadly, this kind of story is only becoming more and more common. Women are not only losing their access to same-sex spaces, but they are also being punished for refusing to deny biological sex. What's most disturbing about this story is that Smith is the actual victim. She endured physical and sexual abuse at the hands of a trans-identified male, and yet instead of receiving the care and healing she deserves, she has been turned into the villain. The progressive feminists remain silent on this issue because they are too afraid of upsetting the trans activists.