Winter Outfits Inspired By Kate Middleton And Meghan Markle

If I had to describe the way the royal women dress, it would be timeless elegance. So who better to go to for inspiration on chic winter outfit ideas?

By Nicole Andre3 min read
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I think for many women winter can seem like a difficult time to dress femininely because we resort to wearing pants more regularly (click here for my tips on staying warm in skirts and dresses in the winter), and a lot of times we start dressing in darker neutrals without much shape that can leave us feeling kind of drab.

Kate Middleton has long been held a fashion icon for her incredible ensembles and admired for her beauty. (Her beauty routine is more affordable than you would think!). All this while managing royal duties, motherhood, and being a wife! Meanwhile, Meghan Markle has very quickly become a style icon in her own right through her acting career and her marriage to Prince Harry. The rush to purchase items after she’s been seen in them has been dubbed the “Markle Sparkle.” 

Kate and Meghan are often pitted against each other in the tabloids, but one thing I have plenty of evidence for is that they both have a great sense of style that shows their individual personalities really well. These two ladies seem to have cracked the code on how winter outfits can keep you warm and let you feel feminine at the same time. So pay attention, because some seriously good winter fashion inspiration is about to be dropped.

Embrace Plaid This Winter

Kate wore a long red coat with a long plaid scarf to the Christmas at the Castle event this year. The plaid scarf helps to keep her warm while adding a fashionable touch to her outfit at the same time. Plaid is a classic print that’s worth investing in and is super easy to accessorize with during the winter months. 

Go for Tonal Neutrals

Meghan is definitely fond of neutrals, but by playing with different tones her outfit becomes a lot more interesting. If you build your wardrobe with a variety of neutrals, it’s really easy to find all the ways you can combine your items to create different looks. It’ll be a huge relief to your wallet too, which is a plus!

Accessorize with Faux Fur

Kate accessories with faux fur in winter weather. There are a lot of different faux fur hat options to choose from! And faux fur is also much more affordable, which makes it in reach for the average person. This is definitely a way to elevate your winter accessories from your typical beanie or scarf for a more formal and elegant look. 

Look Beautiful in Burgundy

Tonal dressing is a favorite trick of Meghan’s that makes her look so chic. I can find myself being hesitant to wear too much of one color and come across as matchy-matchy, but a lot of the time it will help you look way more put together. And a rich color like burgundy will bring a little life into a dark, dreary winter day!

Always Wear Gloves

Kate is often seen wearing gloves in the winter. It’s such a simple thing, but leather gloves or a good quality knit pair look so ladylike. Investing in a good pair (I recommend black for versatility) will add elegance to your look. Remember that a huge component of dressing in a ladylike way like Kate is dressing for the climate! That way your clothing won’t look out of place.

Classy Casual

Even before becoming a royal, Meghan had style. Many of her pre-royal looks are examples of ladylike outfits that were more casual in tone and easy to pull off in your day to day life. The classic coat and scarf elements of her royal looks are still there but are just dressed down by the jeans, sweater, and of course, the baseball cap. But wearing loafers instead of sneakers elevates it a bit! Plus they’re super comfortable, so you really aren’t sacrificing anything by switching out your sneakers for a pair of loafers.

Emphasize Your Waistline

One way that I think we sometimes lose a little bit of femininity in the colder months is by wearing a bunch of bulky jackets that don’t show our figure at all. Kate’s skirt suit set is really defined at the waist and flares out at the skirt. That’s a shape that you want to try to recreate in your wardrobe as much as possible. You can choose coats that have a princess cut or even just try doing a French tuck with your sweater to create a waistline.

Be Bold in Bright Blue

I remember when I saw this photo for the first time. The light is just stunning! The bright blue against her berry lip is just perfect. You can make it warmer by adding a coat, tights, and tall suede boots. The idea is to not completely forgo color once winter arrives. All the more reason to brighten up your wardrobe as the days have less light! Try it. I promise it will be a mood booster.

Pay Attention to the Line of Your Leg

A big part of dressing well is knowing how to create the optimum lines with the clothing that you wear. In the winter, Kate will usually wear black tights and black shoes whether that’s heels or boots. By making the tights the same color as the shoes, she doesn’t cut off the line of her leg. You can even do it with black jeans and boots on days where you really don’t feel like wearing a dress or skirt!

Let Your Coat Be Open

Meghan regularly wears her coat open, which creates pretty, flowy lines and a more interesting outfit. It’s all about the lines and shapes your clothes create, especially when you’re wearing solid colors that otherwise aren’t super feminine. Plus this style works great during pregnancy! Pay attention to how you wear your clothes, it’s a huge part of an outfit being elegant. 

Closing Thoughts

Who better to get clothing tips from than the Duchesses of Cambridge and Sussex? While their styles are definitely different, they each know how to dress with femininity, even in winter. The secret is all in the color and shape.