Why So Many Curly-Haired Girls Are Upset With DevaCurl

By Carolynne Cantila
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why curly haired girls are upset at devacurl

For a curly hair girl, it’s hard to find the soulmate product. The one that makes you throw all of your other hair products away because you found the one. DevaCurl was that one true product for thousands of curly hair girls from all around the world.

As a curly girl myself, I was on that path.  Trying to find that one true product for my curls has been a long journey.  Oddly enough, I’ve never used any DevaCurl products. I guess they’ve never appealed to me. But I remember a lot of my curly-haired friends and even family members raving about them.  DevaCurl had hair ambassadors who swore by their products and customers who spent a hefty amount of their money to buy these products because they were so-called top of the line.  

A Brand Gone Wrong?

But something happened.  People started to see a change in their hair and curl pattern. Their curls became frizzy and lifeless.  People even started to develop scalp issues. As a naturally curly hair girl, that is the worst thing that can happen to your hair.  You spend all this time caring for it and making it healthy and perfecting your curls, only to find out that your go-to/soulmate product is damaging your hair. What a nightmare!

People started to see a change in their hair and curl pattern. Their curls became frizzy and lifeless.

DevaCurl started in 1994 in New York specializing and dedicating their studies and work on the art of curly hair.  For a curly girl, that’s amazing to hear. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten my hair done at a salon and my hairstylist doesn’t understand how my curly hair works.  DevaCurl was a new start; they were one of the first of their kind. So many people, both men and women, were loyal to DevaCurl products and their salon.  

Their DevaChan salon has even closed down. Strangely enough, I tried to book a hair appointment at the Salon in Culver City recently.  But I discovered that it was no longer in business. A lawsuit has been filed against this once prestigious haircare brand. On February 11th, DevaCurl released a blog post apologizing to their customers about their horror stories and the damage that their products may have done to their hair.  They also defended themselves, confirming that their products went through rigorous testing and stating that they adhere to quality and regulatory standards. 

Hair Damage Sufferers Are Speaking Out

But from the looks of it, many DevaCurl customers are suffering from hair damage.  Customers have even made a Facebook Community sharing their stories and experiences with DevaCurl.  More than 54,000 members have joined “Hair Damage & Hair Loss From DevaCurl- You’re Not Crazy or Alone” to share and support one another through their horror stories.  

Customers have even made a Facebook Community sharing their stories and experiences with DevaCurl.

On top of that, DevaCurl hasn’t supported their influencers.  Ayesha Malik is a DevaCurl influencer who has been faithfully using their products for 6 years.  As a loyal ambassador, she started noticing her curls becoming lifeless and frizzy. She couldn’t figure out what was the reason, never thinking that her soulmate hair product would never be the cause.  She then started receiving upsetting messages on Instagram from her followers showing pictures of their hair and scalp damage. Heartbroken, Malik has recently posted a video on YouTube coming forward about her DevaCurl horror story and apologizing to all her fans and followers.  Her YouTube video has reached over 2 million views.

Closing Thoughts

It’s crazy to think this million-dollar company has harmed so many people.  They’ve created health issues for curly-haired people around the globe. As more people start stepping out and talking about their horror stories about using this harmful haircare product the more of this buzzing will be heard and DevaCurl won’t be able to ignore them any longer.  The lawsuit against them will definitely be won when more voices are heard.

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