Why Ovulation Time Is The Best Time Of The Month

Ah, the female cycle. What a cause of societal joy and confusion. On the one hand, even the most progressive person can admit it’s pretty amazing that girls are born with all the eggs they’ll ever need. On the other hand, nearly every woman learns that menstrual cycles are annoying and, for some, excruciating.

By Anna Livia Brady2 min read
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But what I find frustrating as a young woman is the lack of praise and representation of the ovulation period, the two to three day fertile window we have as women. During ovulation, not only do our bodies prepare us for potential pregnancy and make hormones essential to our health, but we also look and feel our best. And increased energy levels and healthier-looking skin during the ovulation window aren’t coincidental – they’re scientific. Here’s why ovulation is the best time of your cycle. 

It Points to the Beauty of Fertility

These days, jokes like “the only negative I need in my life is a pregnancy test” highlight the negativity towards pregnancy in general. But Mother Nature would suggest otherwise. However regressive it may sound, women’s bodies were designed for conception and birth, and the ovulation process proves it! TMI alert: as estrogen levels peak just before ovulation, our cervical mucus becomes wetter and stickier, making it easier for sperm to travel into the uterus and fertilize an egg. So even if you’re not looking to conceive, ovulation indicators like clear cervical mucus signal hormonal health and fertility. 

It Reminds Us That Our Time Is Precious

During the 12 to 14 days before your next menstrual slough, one of your ovaries releases one egg – no more, no less. This is vastly different from the male cycle in which millions of sperm are released per ejaculation. Let that sink in for a moment. Our ovulation cycles, like our energy and our time, are few and should be respected. It’s almost as if Mother Nature’s saying, “Hey, your fertility’s not available 24/7, so why should you be?”

Our ovulation cycles, like our energy and our time, are few and should be respected.

It Reminds Us of Our Receptivity

On the other side of the coin, our fertile windows remind us of our potential to receive life, to take something seemingly worthless and create something miraculous. During ovulation, not only do we experience a change in cervical mucus, but the cervix itself becomes higher, softer, and more open, priming your body for a potential pregnancy. This change is a beautiful reminder of the complexities of womanhood – while we can be selective and coy at times, we can be soft and open at others, receptive to positive change.

Our Skin Glows 

Like the moon, the female body operates on a 28-day cycle (on average). And let’s be real – you can’t expect a full moon every night. But when that moon is full, it shines bright and proud. Our ovulation days are our “full moon” days. Due to high estrogen and collagen levels during the fertile window, you may notice your skin looks healthy and glowy. Some women may experience minor breakouts due to the increase in estrogen, but it’s more likely that your skin will look its most radiant during ovulation. 

Our Energy Levels Increase

Unlike women, men operate on a 24-hour cycle, like the sun. Their testosterone levels are highest in the morning and then slowly drop as the day continues, making their cycles optimal for the 8-to-5 workday (but that’s another conversation). As stated above, women have a 28-day cycle, with days 14-16 being the high-energy, fertile days (or whatever two to three days surround ovulation in your cycle). So during ovulation, we enjoy a likely increase in energy levels, equipping us to take on more challenges in all areas of life. And by that, we mean all areas – because peak estrogen also means peak libido levels

Closing Thoughts

Ovulation is a beautiful, enigmatic, and promising part of womanhood, one that doesn’t garner nearly enough praise or recognition. Our fertile window points to the beauty of female fertility, the rarity of our time and resources, and the potential reception of new life (all while giving us better skin and increased energy). Ovulation should be celebrated and enjoyed!

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