Why Marxists Frequently Target Women As Their Strategy For Spreading Communism

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her “squad.” Black Lives Matter and its founders. Kamala Harris and her radical progressivism. Why are we witnessing the growing trend of predominantly women championing and spreading Marxist ideas?

By S.G. Cheah4 min read
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Clara Zetkin, one of the most important Marxist leaders of the socialist women’s movement wrote, “Unless millions of women are with us we cannot exercise the proletarian dictatorship, cannot construct on communist lines. We must find our way to them, we must study and try to find that way.”

Zetkin would have been proud of her intellectual heir Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, for this woman successfully conned a majority of American women into embracing Marxism. As more women march down the Communist lines with AOC, be prepared to watch America turn into Zetkin’s USSR. 

Women Set the Foundation of Society

For generations, women have been the arbiters of morality. As a group, women largely determine the sway of a society’s culture. A clear example of this can be seen when Barack Obama announced his run for the presidency on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Oprah’s endorsement of Obama secured him the female vote and locked in his win for the presidency. 

Women exert immense power in society because they play a crucial role in holding the family unit together. A strong family unit adds to the strength of its community. Therefore, by going after the women, who serve as the glue of society, it would easily upend the status quo, which is the ultimate purpose behind the Marxist dialectic philosophy.

This is why the leftist activists target women. They do so by making women afraid of men (rape culture), convincing them not to have children (abortion & “female empowerment”), teaching them to hate the nuclear family (encourage welfare dependency), abolishing gender roles, etc. I’ll explain it.

Destroy the Woman’s Motherly Instincts 

One of the most disturbing approaches the Communists use to sway women to their side has to do with how they dangle the right to abortion as part of their cause. Most people aren’t aware of how Marxist-feminists use abortion as a sort of bargaining chip towards total socialism. 

This is what the Communist ideologues argue: There are women who have to go through abortion because they don’t have any other choice – they can’t afford to raise the baby since they don’t have the resources needed. Building upon this warped logic, they argue that society will be able to reduce the rate of women getting abortions if they were provided free-healthcare, free-housing, free-childcare, and so on and so on… This is basically unrealistic, all-or-nothing, irrational thinking – proposing that “the unborn baby will just have to die unless society provides the total care for it.” 

Marxist-feminists use abortion as a sort of bargaining chip towards total socialism. 

If you think I’m guilty of hyperbole and fear-mongering, read what Leon Trotsky has to say about pregnancy: “The mass homelessness of children is undoubtedly the most unmistakable and most tragic symptom of the difficult situation of the mother. On this subject even the optimistic Pravda is sometimes compelled to make a bitter confession: ‘The birth of a child is for many women a serious menace to their position’.”

Only a Marxist could view “the birth of a child as a serious menace” to the woman. 

Destroy the Male-Female Bond 

Traditionally (and ideally), the birth of a child is preceded first by love and marriage to a man. (Well, at least marriage. I’m sure there were plenty of loveless arranged marriages throughout history.) This example is so fundamental that it’s even understood by kids through the nursery rhyme of “first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage.” But even this very basic and fundamental feature of the relationship between a man and a woman is set to be corrupted by Marxist ideas.

In order to persuade us to join in the Communist struggle, women are sold the myth of systemic-oppression in the form of the male-patriarchy. In this mythological setting, the villains are men, who by their very nature of "maleness," can't help but perpetuate systematic rape culture against women. Just like the capitalist class supposedly exploits the working class, the patriarchal males supposedly exploit the women through the imbalance of power.

Marxist-feminism sells the lie of the “oppressive patriarchy” to galvanize idealistic women into their cause. 

This Communist fable seems comically naive, except when you realize how it essentially destroys the camaraderie between men and women. When men are said to be the enemy since they oppress, exploit, and brutalize women, it would be impossible for a woman to develop any feeling of love for a man. It’s one reason why the idea of marriage is becoming less popular today. 

Destroy the Family Bond

The Communists seek to displace the role of the man as the head of the household. Rather than depend on the support of a husband to help her raise her child, Communism encourages the woman to be dependent on the state by discouraging marriage while encouraging welfare dependency. The end result of this is the destruction of the family in general – which is precisely the Communists' intended goal. 

In order to sell this scam to unsuspecting women, Marxist-feminism sells the lie of the “oppressive patriarchy” to galvanize idealistic women into their cause. They tell women that men are inherently sexist. Even simple, chivalrous acts like holding the door for women are attacked as misogynistic. They depict age-old institutions like marriage and the family as outdated at best and immoral at worst. 

Communism encourages the woman to be dependent on the state by discouraging marriage. 

Marxism undermines man's role in society and in the family.

While the Marxist revolutionaries aim to destroy a woman's motherly instinct and her ability to acknowledge the good in men, they also aim to destroy the man's role in the family by making him obsolete. But a present, engaged father provides much more than the state will ever be able to.

The Daily Dad writes, "What does a father do? He provides. You mean financially? Sure, if that’s what his particular situation requires. But a better way to put it is this: A father provides, period. A father provides what his kids need, whatever that is. A father provides love, provides structure, provides a good example, provides an available ear, provides books, provides protection, provides the benefit of the doubt, provides someone who believes in their kids, no matter what. We do this because it’s our job. We do this because no one — no government, no school, not even a spouse — can do this for us."

If you think I am making this up to defame Marxism and Communism, this is what Leon Trotsky himself wrote about the family: “The revolution made a heroic effort to destroy the so-called "family hearth" — that archaic, stuffy and stagnant institution in which the woman of the toiling classes performs galley labor from childhood to death.” Again, only a Marxist would think that destroying the family is a “heroic” undertaking. 

Getting rid of the nuclear family was one of Black Lives Matter’s main goals all along.

Take a step back and remember again how the founders of Black Lives Matters were forged in the tradition of Marxism. Now, does it make sense why Black Lives Matter also seeks to destroy the nuclear family? It isn’t a fluke or an afterthought; getting rid of the family was one of their main goals all along. 

Closing Thoughts

The foundations of Marxism are as violent as they are unnatural. Violence, of course, is the Communists' number-one tool of choice, as can be seen in ANTIFA’s penchant for the “glorious revolution.” But they realize that too much overt violence can turn off the nurturing and gentler nature of women. 

As such, Marxism thrives by suppressing the nature of women by convincing them to give up their innate feminine desire for romance, motherhood, and family. Once these feminine instincts are erased, they will be replaced with nothing but allegiance to the Communist agenda. This is the goal of the Communists in destroying all interpersonal loyalties – so that the ultimate loyalty is to the cause and the state.