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Why Is Feminism So Obsessed With Vaginas?

By S.G. Cheah·· 6 min read
Why are feminists obsessed with vaginas

I don’t know about you, but I can't think of anything more cringe-worthy than watching two adult males standing on stage at an award ceremony talking about the lack of vaginas. Why is it that women under the tenets of feminism are identified mostly by the sum of their private parts?

Go ahead and call me Prudence McPrudy, but I’m used to expecting respectful behavior from men, especially when they’re older, established men. Like it or not, it’s women who set the standard for how a man acts and comports himself around us.

And what we saw at the Oscars was how men act when they’re on stage in front of a room full of feminists. The room boomed with great applause when Steve Martin and Chris Rock brought up the lack of “vaginas” on the list of nominations for Best Directors.

Vulgarity Is Part of Their Activism Tactic

The simplest explanation for why the feminist movement is obsessed with branding themselves with the vagina is because it’s overtly vulgar. They do this to shock and provoke the public into paying attention to their movement. The adoption of the shock and awe tactic started during the Counterculture Revolution in the ‘60s.

They do this to shock and provoke the public into paying attention to their movement.

What started with the public bra-burnings of Second Wave Feminism in the ‘60s has now evolved into the lewd, crude, and rude presentation of a woman’s intimate parts to the public at large. While our culture today may be desensitized to openly sexual displays, back in the ‘60s, burning your bra in public was the height of obscenity.

But these are the provocative tactics that were deliberately adopted by Radical Feminism as part of the movement’s strategy. This is straight out of Saul Alinsky’s guidebook Rules for Radicals. We see this manifested by the followers of feminism as they’re proud of being “nasty” like Miley Cyrus and her weird foray into the vagina laden, feminist aesthetics of her music videos.

Miley Cyrus in her Mother's Daughter music video.

Revolution Loud and Proud

From The Vagina Monologues in the ‘90s to the Pussyhats of recent years, the vagina became the feminist symbol of resistance against the patriarchy. The vagina serves as a protest symbol against female oppression, the rallying call for the unity of all women under the feminist cause.

A poster advertising The Vagina Monologues.

You would be wise to know that Radical Feminism’s ultimate goal is to overthrow the natural order of things as we know it. This is uncontested; it’s even stated in the first line of the Wikipedia entry on Radical Feminism.

The vagina became the feminist symbol of resistance against the patriarchy.

This movement ultimately wants the radical reordering of society in which male supremacy is eliminated in all social and economic contexts, as well as the liberation of women from being an oppressed class. “The reordering of society,” “the liberation of the oppressed,” “the oppressed class” - if all these phrases sound a lot like Marxism to you, it’s because they are.

Radical Feminism Is Rooted in Marxism

One of the dirty secrets of Radical Feminism (not to be confused with women’s suffrage) is how it has its roots in Marxist Leninism. Honest, self-aware radical feminists even admit to this openly. Naturally, they can’t sell the ideas of Feminism from a Marxist standpoint to the everyday woman. A normal, well-adjusted woman would easily and vehemently reject ideas like gender (a.k.a. class) warfare between the sexes.

Materialism is the reduction of the human person to just a physical body, with no soul or spirit.

Women are nothing more than their gender.

Furthermore, it’s unnatural for women to view themselves as nothing more than just their gender. Most women have an innate connection to what renowned mythologist Joseph Campbell (author of The Hero with a Thousand Faces) termed as their “feminine divine.” Radical Feminism, on the other hand, rejects this feminine principle and instead advocates the Marxist materialist principle in its place.

Materialist ideas state that the only thing that matters in life – is matter. Cutesiness aside, what materialism means is the reduction of the human person to just a physical body, that there is no such thing as a soul, spirit, or consciousness. (Believe it or not, this is known as “vulgar materialism” within Marxist theory.)

Gwyneth Paltrow poses with a literal "lady garden" for the premiere of The Goop Lab.

The Consequences of Materialist Feminism

This explains why the radical feminists proudly identify themselves with an organ of their physical body – the vagina. It’s also why they don’t think that a late-term pregnancy means a woman is carrying another person in her body. To the materialist, a fetus is merely a cluster of cells from a fertilized egg that is connected to the woman’s physical body.

To the materialist, sex is just the act of sexual organs coming together.

Since the body is just physical matter, sex is devoid of spiritual meaning or emotional connection; human sexuality is viewed as nothing more than an expression of what the physical body engages in. The materialists see nothing wrong if the person’s goal is to have intercourse without committing oneself spiritually or emotionally.

Janelle Monae's infamous music video for PYNK.

The vagina is therefore just another part of the physical body with the same level of meaning (or lack thereof) as an arm or a leg. But at the same time it’s a very important part of the woman’s identity because the vagina sets the female apart from the male.

Materialistic Nihilism Is a Denial of Love and Meaning

If a woman treats herself like she is nothing but physical matter, then sex is nothing but the physical friction between human cells. When there is no purpose or meaning to sex, then there is also no meaning to the act of procreation either. This materialist mode of thinking is how Communist Marxist China could justify its one-child policy through forced abortion.

To the materialist, sex is just the act of sexual organs coming together. Sexual intercourse releases chemicals in the brain which then results in bodily pleasure. If conception happens, the fetus is simply an occasional by-product of this sexual process. As such, this growth in the woman’s uterus (which is just another physical part of the woman’s material body) is seen as nothing more than a cluster of cells. This is the root of feminism from the Marxist materialist perspective. And this is why they are obsessed with touting the image of the vagina - because they are trying to divest sex and procreation of meaning and significance.

Protestors wear "pussy hats" at a women's march.

Closing Thoughts

Nothing is sacred to the materialist – not sex, not conception, not even childrearing. Feminists like promulgating the image of the vagina because deep down they know how the concept of our intimate parts is sacred and should be kept private. Ideally, your womanhood is something that is reserved for someone who is important to you, not something to be shared with the public at large.

But the ideas of Radical Feminism have corrupted those who openly flaunt the image of the vagina in order to desecrate the sacredness of the feminine principle. Similar to how Maoist China destroyed temples during the Cultural Revolution in an effort to wipe out China’s cultural heritage, the radical feminist equivalent today is actively destroying the sacredness of love between the man and the woman.


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