Why Every Girl Should Try A Pixie Cut At Least Once In Her Life

While making the big chop can be terrifying, every woman should try a pixie cut at least once.

By Keelia Clarkson2 min read
Getty Images Entertainment/Stephen Lovekin

Every woman I know grew up with the idea that having long, flowing, luscious locks was of the utmost importance as a girl. It was the ultimate sign of femininity, beauty, and youth. It was what men always preferred. It was what women were supposed to have. Our hair is deeply tied up in our desirability and validity as a woman. 

Long hair absolutely is beautiful, and for years, I clutched onto it as my only way of feeling feminine. But somewhere along the way, after seeing the likes of Audrey Hepburn rock a pixie and look incredibly classy while doing so, I realized that while long hair is undeniably gorgeous, this doesn’t take away from the charm, allure, and elegance that short hair can offer to a woman. In fact, cutting off all my hair turned out to be such a good experience that I think every woman should try it once. Here’s why.

Short Hair Helps You See Yourself As Beautiful

We all want to feel beautiful. We want to look in the mirror and like what we see. But too often, we “use” different aspects of ourselves to feel pretty, and one of the most common things we rely on too heavily as women is our hair. Most women, at the thought of having to shave off their hair, would weep. For many of us, long hair is an identity

But what short hair does is take that dependency away. It forces us to see ourselves as beautiful without the long locks to frame our face, to be comfortable with not having a sheath of hair to hide behind, but instead, to truly love the way we look not because we have long hair, but because we’re lovely, and a pixie lets us show that off more easily!

Pixies Allow Us To Find a New Style

With long hair, you can wear just about anything and never worry about being mistaken for anything but a woman. The same is not true for pixie cuts. When my hair was at its shortest, I tended to stay away from the plaid button-downs I’d worn everyday for years before. What used to be easy and comfortable for me suddenly felt masculine. 

I had to find a new style, and fast. My new, cropped haircut looked best with dresses, short-sleeved tops, and more feminine looks, a challenge for my tomboy self. The clothes I’d never felt comfortable in became what looked best on me — giving me one of the biggest confidence boosts I could’ve asked for and helping me branch out to try things I’d never had the guts to before.

It’s a Great Way To Feel Really Unique

Being yet another brunette with long hair got me overlooked quite a bit growing up. I struggled to feel interesting and unique in a sea of girls who sort of looked like me but did it better. Enter: a pixie cut inspired by Jean Seberg. 

Being the only girl in the room with short hair got me more attention and props for being “different” than ever before, but my newfound sense of self didn’t stop there. Being treated like I was unique helped me see what had been unique about me all along, before I cut off my hair. But also, it was just nice to be more memorable!

You’ll Get Compared to the Most Beautiful Women

With the likes of Mia Farrow, Audrey Hepburn, Halle Berry, and Carey Mulligan repping pixie cuts, we short-haired girls are always in good company. I never got tired of hearing “You look like a young Audrey Hepburn” when I had short hair. It felt good to know that my hairstyle helped give me some of her elegance, charm, and spirit.

Closing Thoughts

We’re so often sold the idea that not every girl can pull off a pixie cut, but honestly, this simply isn’t true. I firmly believe there’s a pixie out there for every woman, and it’s more than worth it to see if it’s for you. And if it doesn’t end up being your cup of tea, at least hair grows back and your beauty and value as a woman have nothing to do with the length of your hair!