Why Does Capitalism Have To Pay For Its Crimes, But Communism Gets A Blank Check?

It’s exploitative and unfair. That’s how young people often describe their unflinching hatred for capitalism.

By S.G. Cheah2 min read
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More troublingly, this hatred of capitalism seems to be gaining traction with older folks too. It’s clear how the Bernie Sanders movement successfully popularized the idea of capitalism as exploitative and evil. 

We hear constantly about the evils of capitalism: income inequality, lack of resources for poor people, people exhausted by "hustle culture," consumerism. The list goes on. And over the years, many more have forgotten about the horrors committed under Communism. Even if one were to ignore the past, Communism in the present is still as gruesome today in countries like North Korea as it was during the reign of the Soviet Union. 

The Con of Communism

There’s a saying, “A con man cannot cheat an honest man.” If you were to take an honest look at the track record of Communism and Socialism, you’d easily see how it has resulted in genocidal consequences everywhere it's been implemented. Every Communist country, from China today to the Soviet Union of yesterday, brutalized its inhabitants.

Every single Communist country, past and present, brutalized its inhabitants.

But it’s difficult to point out a problem to someone who willfully chooses to evade reality. That’s the clearest explanation for why Communism is endorsed over and over again without having to be held accountable for its failures. Observe this evasion when supporters of Communism/Socialism do all they can to evade the reality of Hitler’s National German Socialist Worker Party being rooted in Communist ideals.

The Evasion of History and Reality

An article on Vox, for example, slams the critics of Socialism for describing Adolf Hitler as a socialist. It wrote, “To begin with, Germany had a long history of socialist and Marxist political organizing even before the First World War,” as if to absolve Socialism and Marxism from their association with Hitler. While it’s easy to call the proponents of Marxism stupid, it’s more accurate to call them dishonest.  

Marxists can claim what they want, and twist reality (as well as history) in order to rationalize their views, but I’ll keep it simple for my reader’s sake. The Communists and Socialists like to claim they’re champions of the working poor. From Hitler to Mao, to Stalin to Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez – it’s always the call for sympathy for the poor and the downtrodden that the Marxists tend to exploit for their power grab.

“It’s the poor we care about.” “It’s the oppressed and the exploited we seek to help.” “No one should be too poor to live.” This is the language of Communism. This is the language of Socialism. It is today the language of AOC and her squad. Once translated, this is the language of tyranny. And once implemented, it’s the language of genocide, famine, and poverty. 

Genocide, Famine, and Poverty

While we are often made aware of the 6 million Jews murdered in Hitler’s Holocaust, we are seldom exposed to the hundreds of millions of others who were also murdered by Communist dictators. Mao Zedong killed an estimated 65 million people in Red China. It was done under the name of “helping the working poor.” Stalin was responsible for over 20 million deaths during his reign in the Soviet Union. It was done under the name of “helping the starving poor.” Pol Pot’s Khmer Rouge (Red Cambodia) regime slaughtered one-third of its own population in its Killing Fields. It was done in the name of “benefiting the poor peasants.”

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? 

“This is done in the name of helping the poor” is an excuse often used by power-lusters as a way to gain support for their cause, even if their cause ends up being genocidal. If it’s the welfare of the poor that’s truly the cause for concern, then more voluntary charity should be advocated for to alleviate the hardship faced by those who are destitute. 

It’s never been about the welfare of the poor; it’s always been about enslaving others “for the good of mankind.”

But instead of voluntary charity, a Marxist-Socialist prefers to employ the force of government in order to “help the poor.” Why? Because it’s never been about the welfare of the poor (capitalism elevates more people out of poverty), it has always been about enslaving others “for the good of mankind.”

Closing Thoughts 

An old gentleman who escaped the Soviet Union once told me this wise warning: “Be careful of people who would gladly kill the rich. Because what’s holding them back from also killing the poor?” And that’s exactly what happened in Marxist societies.