Who Is Insquisitore3? Cosplayer Kills Himself On TikTok Live After Being Falsely Accused Of "Grooming" A Minor

A popular cosplayer named Vincent Plicchi, who goes by "Inquisitor Ghost," is believed to have committed suicide during a TikTok live, and his viewers are now demanding justice.

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Inquisitor Ghost (@Inquisitore3 on TikTok), whose real name is Vincent Plicchi, was an Italian Call of Duty cosplayer on social media. He amassed over 100,000 followers on the video-sharing app and frequently uploaded content of himself dressed as the video game character Simon "Ghost" Riley. His account is now banned from the platform.

On October 9, Inquisitor went on TikTok live. The people who joined in the middle of the livestream only saw a dark, empty room at night. The chat was turned off, so his audience was unable to comment. Suddenly, his windows were smashed and someone appeared to perform CPR on Inquisitor as another unknown individual was on the phone. A voice was heard demanding in Italian to "call someone" for help, according to Sportskeeda. Another said, "he was hanged there," and asked, "Where the f*ck are they?"

Social media users speculate that the cosplayer killed himself on TikTok live, and his death was reportedly confirmed by a friend. A woman who appeared to be romantically involved with Inquisitor posted photos of herself with the cosplayer, and her caption also suggests that he passed away. "Now your anxiety is gone, you are in a quiet place..." she wrote. "I am grateful that you have finally found peace. I love you... p.s. your Padme."

Why Did Inquisitor Kill Himself?

There are a lot of key players in this story, so try to keep up. Several people have stated that Inquisitor, 23, was accused of inappropriately interacting with a minor by three individuals in the COD fandom: A woman who goes by Keegan's Mask, a man named Tito (@titoisactingbadly), and a 17-year-old girl named AJ.

Screenshots began circulating online of messages between AJ and Inquisitor, but it was later found that AJ continuously contacted Inquisitor and lied about her age. The cosplayer even had "minors dni" in his bio, which stands for "minors do not interact [with him]."

According to some viewers, Tito and AJ created a plan to ruin Inquisitor's reputation. "The plot to forge false allegations against Inquisitore3 began in mid to late September when Tito and his minor girlfriend, AJ, began exchanging texts like these," says @the_dadvocate, a woman who has been following the incident on TikTok. She proceeds to provide screenshots of messages between the perpetrators.

One of the messages reads, "It's not a life or death crisis, and here's what I want you to do, I want you to keep flirting with him [Inquisitor], and see where it goes. If he starts to get sexual, then I will expose him. We just need better and more proof." AJ's attempt to seduce Inquisitor failed. Screenshots on Discord show AJ asking Inquisitor if they could get to know each other, to which the cosplayer replies, "Nope." AJ decides to lie and writes, "Why? I'm not a minor."

AJ then offers to edit Inquisitor's videos, which he accepts, not knowing she is a minor. Then, Tito and AJ worked together to save the messages between her and Inquisitor. They then sent the screenshots to Keegan's Mask, a popular TikToker, and alleged that AJ was being "groomed." Unfortunately, it appears that she chose to believe Tito and AJ. "Tito and Keegan's Mask began saving any and every message that read as even remotely flirty between the two of them [AJ and Inquisitor] and their campaign against them," adds @the_dadvocate.

Eventually, after rumors spread that he was speaking with a minor, Inquisitor realized what was happening and asked AJ to stop texting him. Then, in early October, Keegan's Mask reportedly shared the interactions between the cosplayer and the minor on TikTok. However, she posted the messages without context, so it ended up portraying Inquisitor as a predator and pedophile. The enthusiastic responses Inquisitor sent to AJ may have come off as "flirtatious" without additional information. One of the messages Inquisitor sent was "AMMA MARRY YOU," and, "Thank you honey."

But Inquisitor wasn't actually trying to get with the minor. He was just very excited and thankful for the edits she made. "The thing she [Keegan's Mask] left out, however, is that these were just enthusiastic responses to him finding out that she had created so many edits for him in such a brief amount of time," @the_dadvocate explains, "and also fully believing she's an adult."

The rumors spread like wildfire in the TikTok community, and the comments eventually got to Inquisitor, who struggled with anxiety. A screenshot of a Discord message from Inquisitor on September 20 reads, "I'm very scared not gonna lie. I care so much for my community, and the last thing I want is them seeing me like some monster."

Tito and Keegan's Mask have a lot of followers compared to Inquisitor. The weight of the allegations and online attacks against him was too much to bear, so he decided to end his life.

The Aftermath

Prior to Tito deleting his account, he said that he didn't want AJ to "expose" Inquisitor and that he is a "man of God," and he didn't want any of this to happen. Before Keegan's Mask left TikTok, she made a video of herself staring out the window looking solemn. She wrote, "Me watching minors blatantly lie about other content creators for attention," adding that she was taking a break from social media for her mental health. She has also made a public apology.

AJ allegedly posted a statement on TikTok to apologize for her actions. "I didn't mean to hurt him, i went way too far with this," it said. "He didn't deserve that, and i know its to late to apologize. But i hope one day you can forgive me for my stupid actions. " [sic] She requested people to stop sending death threats to everyone involved.

"The best thing to do is just not hate," she adds. "A person died. Please do better, cod community. I will do better myself. Rest in peace Vincent."

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