Who Is Gio Scotti And Why Is There A 13-Year-Old Greek Boy Meme About Her?

A meme trend emerged on Twitter about 13-year-old Greek boys and somehow a young, pretty model named Gio Scotti became the face of it.

By Gina Florio2 min read
gio scotti

There are always strange trends emerging from the depths of the internet, and this time Twitter is responsible for the 13-year-old Greek boy comparison, which became the foundation of many memes that went viral. People found the photos and videos of Gio Scotti and compared her to Greek "towel boys" in Ancient Rome, conjuring up these imaginary scenarios where she was a 13-year-old boy who was taken as a young lover. The strange trend gained so much attention that Gio herself discovered it and even addressed it on her Instagram story.

Who Is Gio Scotti and Why Is There a 13-Year-Old Greek Boy Meme about Her?

The term Greek towel boy started being thrown around on Twitter, and people kept sharing Gio's photo and claiming that she is the perfect representation of the lover boy in Ancient Rome that men had access to. @schizo_freq tweeted on October 2022, "This is what the towelboys ancient Roman warriors had sex with looked like. This is what they took from us." A video of Gio was shared. She has freckles, green eyes, and short, bouncy hair.

The tweet got almost 11,000 likes and a slew of comments that expressed confusion and disgust, especially when you consider that those young boys in Ancient Rome were sex slaves. Perhaps it was a joke, as many trends are on social media, but there were many more posts about the Greek towel boy that featured Gio. Many other users on Twitter developed a sort of obsession with Gio. They compiled a montage of her TikToks and praised her beauty. But many of the comments and videos that praised her simply compared her to the Greek towel boy in their fantasies. She was even compared to the young boy lover of Socrates. Some men lamented (or pretended to, anyway) over the fact that they no longer had access to young male sex slaves that looked like her.

People couldn't help but notice that the users obsessing over Gio were men, leaving many to assume that Gio was presenting a sort of homosexual fantasy for them. Someone shared a picture of Gio and wrote, "You see she's smoking a cigarette and you want one. How do you open?" A man responded, "How familiar are you with the customs of ancient rome?"

The trend got bigger and bigger, and more people started joking about the desirable 13-year-old Greek boy, and how Gio perfectly represented this fantasy. But who exactly is Gio Scotti?

She has 244,000 followers on Instagram and 1.8 million followers on TikTok, and it seems as though Gio is a young model. She has a recent photo with Giorgio Armani and various other pictures and videos of herself modeling. Reportedly, Gio is 22 years old. Months after the Greek towel boy trend emerged, Gio caught onto it, and she posted a message on her Instagram stories: "for those who don't speak Italian: I'm referring to the meme of months ago according ot which I should be a 13 year old Greek boy. And, since I don't use twitter, I have only now discovered everything that is being created behind it. I don't even know what to think. [sic]" Everything else she shared about the trend was in Italian, so it's not clear what else she said about it.

Many people have come to her defense to remind her that she is beautiful and that the obsession with her has gotten strange and weirdly predatory. Gio hasn't spoken about it since, but there are plenty of Twitter users who scoff at the trend and insist that many of the men who were perpetuating the Greek towel boy narrative are closet homosexuals. Either that, or they're expert internet trolls.