Which Dating App Is Best For You?

By Mary Mayor
·  4 min read
Which dating app is best for you?

Don’t know how to navigate the digital dating scene? We hear you! There are so many apps and websites out there that it's easy to feel lost about where to begin. We have you covered with a breakdown and review of digital dating apps and sites:

1. Coffee Meets Bagel

Are you looking for a dating site that attracts quality dates and seeks to filter out many options based on their platform design? Coffee Meets Bagel is an app that gets “to the heart of meaningful connections” and encourages users to “dig deep. And not just with anyone” which the company states on the GooglePlay store.

According to one user who met her current boyfriend on the app, she liked how she could tell that the guys she met before her boyfriend were looking for more authentic relationships. She also liked how the app reflected such intentionality because it encourages users to fill out a detailed profile and promotes genuine conversations. However, while the app was user friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and well laid out, the downside was that it only gave her one match each day since she used the free service. So, if she wasn't interested in meeting one of her matches, she had to wait a full day before moving onto the next.

Evan, a Junior Practice Area Coordinator for one of the big three consulting firms based in Chicago, said that he appreciates how CMB makes his dates more substantive even if they are less frequent compared to the availability of other dates on apps.

2. Tinder

Tinder may get the reputation for being the “hook-up” app, but it actually can extend beyond that. It boasts on its website “with 30 billion matches to date; Tinder ® is the world’s most popular app for meeting new people.” Not only is it used for meeting romantic interests, but it also allows users to meet locals while traveling, connect with new friends, or simply be introduced to new contacts. The bottom line is that it has a vast pool of people and it’s all about how you use it.

A user who is in a successful relationship with her boyfriend whom she met on Tinder commented that compared to an online dating site, Tinder offers more options instead of the same people. The reason why there are so many users is because of the user friendliness of the app. It's quick and easy to get matched with people, but it's also essential to be cautious while using it. Evan mentioned that there are chatbots or fake profiles, and there are several articles online that warn of getting scammed by fake profiles.

3. Bumble

Like Tinder, Bumble has been expanding its platform to be more than a dating site in which you can expand your network, but this also means that many people on there are not necessarily looking for dates. Bumble does offer a filter feature that helps pare down the selection pool. What also differentiates Bumble is that it was founded with the idea that women initiate contact on the app. Women often feel empowered using Bumble because they can control how many guys they see and manage their schedules. There is a balance of quality and quantity.

4. Hinge

Finally, Hinge has been an app growing in name recognition among Millennial users, particularly developing the reputation for not just meeting and dating but forming lasting relationships. Hinge markets itself as the “dating app for people who want to get off dating apps. And it’s working.” The reason for the success of their users in finding lasting relationships is because it focuses on fostering connections and not just physical contact.

Hinge makes users fill out detailed questionnaires so that the app can find quality matches and the questions hit on the important questions. They also include icebreakers in their app, so users are forced to create dialogue and open up in conversation, and users appreciate this because they don't have to pay to communicate with potential connections. The interface is also very user friendly, and users also appreciate the selectivity that the app provides. Several users in Chicago have met their long-term significant others and spouses on Hinge, demonstrating that the app works.

5. Dating Websites

For those who are partial to online websites as opposed to swiping, websites require a lot of data entry while not necessarily giving you a big return. Dating websites also can have a limited selection of users depending on your location. For those who are serious about finding a lasting relationship, people on dating sites can be more apt to settle down and can often provide more thorough information about an individual compared to an app.

Closing Thoughts

Whatever digital method of dating you may use, remember to be discerning in using it. While all the apps and sites are different, it's not just what you use but how you use it. If you don't cast out your net, you won't give yourself the opportunity to catch the fish. Good for you for putting yourself out there!