Where Is Ines Helene? Is She Real? OnlyFans Model Goes "Missing" After Cryptic Post

An OnlyFans model named Ines Helene is believed to be missing by her followers, but some of them have begun questioning if she was even real in the first place.

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Social media is a strange place. Influencer Ines Helene (@ini.helen) currently boasts over one million followers on Instagram and over 100,000 likes on OnlyFans. She is presumed to be missing by some of her followers. According to her bio, she is a "ShroomGirl, entrepreneur, law student," and has "PhD in mycology." Her photos are usually filtered and purportedly edited. She frequently shows off her bodacious body in revealing clothes and lingerie.

Her last post on the 'Gram was on August 1, 2023, and it was of "Memory" by the artist René Magritte, a surrealist painting of a marble statue with blood on its eye. It's been nearly two weeks since Helene has shared content on social media, and it's evident in the comments that her followers are concerned. "Are you ok?" asks @northern_manhattan. "Please post updates, people close to you are worried."

One response by a woman named Gia alleges that Helene posted about being stalked on a now-defunct X account. To make matters worse, a website ( is dedicated to finding her. "Ines has been missing since Friday 25th August 2023," the statement reads. "She was last seen in Malmo, Sweden. Her OnlyFans account has been compromised and any messages from 'her' on OnlyFans since then have not been from her."


It continues, "If anyone has any useful information, or has heard from her on any other platform since Friday, please contact this number +46 77 114 14 00 or email Thank you."

A Woman on X Implies Ines Helene Lied

The details surrounding Helene's disappearance remain murky, but one woman named Arnesa claims she and her friends distanced themselves from the influencer after they noticed how much she lied about herself. These theories suggest that the possibility of her being missing is a lie too, though there hasn't been much proof of this.

It's important to note that Arnesa and Helene have never met in person. "I & others in our friend group (all people ive actually met irl) distanced ourselves after realising that almost everything Ines was telling us was actually false and made up," writes @Rrrrnessa on X. "We shared private & personal info with her and grew increasingly uncomfortable the more she lied."

Arnesa adds that she's "heard from a few people" that Helene purportedly stole her experience of having ovarian cancer by claiming to have the condition herself, as well as the private matters she shared with her on her journey. "People lie online. They make-up stories. They make-up personalities," Arnesa continues. "Maybe they become the person they truly want to be, but cannot due to circumstances or whatever. The truth is that Ines Helen often lied, to me and to many others. We don’t know her."

The X user explains that Helene was very much a real person, but that her online persona seemed to be fake. "It’s her 'persona', it’s 'Ines Helene' as a person who she was pretending herself to be online that doesn’t exist. & no matter how nice she was to you online, it doesn’t excuse the fact that she literally stole & sold people’s experiences, lives, personalities, stories as her own," she adds.

Adding to the "fake" rumors, others suggest that Helene was a "catfish" who would alter her image.

Helene's videos were also allegedly leaked, and many believe that she looks nothing like her photos on Instagram.

Was the OnlyFans model taking other sex worker's pictures and editing them as her own?

What's interesting is that Helene doesn't have any videos of her face under her "Reels" tab (just her body) on Instagram, either. No one can find an existing video interview of her.

Ines Helene May Actually Be Missing

It seems there is a chance that Ines Helene is missing. A person on X shared a missing poster of Helene and added screenshots of her profile on a missing persons website, though her profile has since been deleted.

It really does seem like Helene has disappeared, and her safety may be at risk. Unfortunately, the situation appears to be minimized due to the allegations of lying.

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