What Your Favorite Wine Says About Your Personality

In honor of National Wine Day, read on to find out which wine variety best suits your personality.

By Caitlin Shaw3 min read
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Wine, like people, comes in all varieties. From fruity rosé to dry chardonnay to bold, rich cabernet, there’s no shortage of diversity when it comes to this beloved alcoholic beverage. To some, it may just be fermented grape juice, but to wine lovers and connoisseurs, wine is so much more than that.

If you know anything about wine, you know that the spectrum of flavors, weights, shades, and moods is a large one. The grape used, the region that it belongs to, the season, and the fermentation technique all collectively craft the way that wine tastes when it hits your lips. With all of these factors (and more) contributing to the essence of a wine, it’s no wonder there are dozens of vastly different wine varieties out there. Observe National Wine Day (May 25) by discovering which wine matches your personality, and then celebrate by treating yourself to a glass! 

Pinot Grigio

This white wine variety is the essence of subtlety and intrigue. Described as “faintly fruity” in flavor, Pinot Grigio is a charming and delicious choice, great for a romantic night out. If you possess a charming, attractive, and easy-going personality, you may be Pinot Grigio.  


If people typically refer to you as “sweet” or “kind,” then you are most definitely an embodiment of Riesling. Since this white wine variety is easy and fun to drink, you likely have a good heart and prefer to avoid conflict at all cost.

Sauvignon Blanc

Originating from either New Zealand or France, Sauvignon Blanc sounds and tastes like a sophisticated wine. And like the drink, Sav Blanc lovers are the same way. Those who prefer this crisp, semi-sweet white wine describe themselves as intelligent and confident. While they run the risk of sounding snobby or elitist, Sav Blanc drinkers are typically genuine and maintain a strong moral compass.  


Chardonnay drinkers are usually opinionated (sometimes closed-minded) individuals who prefer to remain in their comfort zone. You will rarely witness a Chardonnay drinker order a glass of something other than Chardonnay. They know what they like and do not want to stray from it. For this reason, these people can be stubborn but loyal friends, and they always know how to make their own fun because they don’t care what others think.


If you have the kind of personality that doesn’t fit into either an introvert or extrovert category, you may embody Rosé. This gorgeous pink drink is a blend of both white and red grapes, giving it a complex flavor that can be both fruity and light, yet sharp and savory. Since Rosé is often associated with female drinkers, you may embody this wine if you’re fun, flirty, and feminine

Orange Wine

Orange wine is another white wine variety that is most popularly enjoyed in southern Italy during the summertime. It doesn't actually have orange in it; the name comes from the color of the wine, which is created by retaining the skin of the white grapes during fermentation. Experts describe it as having the full-bodied flavor of a red with a refreshing and airy quality of a white. You could be an orange wine if you’re quirky and different without trying to be. 

Pinot Noir

Pinot Noir is known to be one of the more harmless red wines out there – meaning that it’s popular among those who typically don’t drink red wine because of its benign flavor. It’s not too herbal, not too fruity, and not too bold. If you identify as a people pleaser, you could also identify as Pinot Noir in human form. 


Merlot is a medium-bodied, dry wine whose flavor is typically compared to cherries, chocolate, vanilla, or bay leaves. It goes well with lots of foods and is an easier red to drink. If you are laid-back and amicable with traditional values, you could be a Merlot.   

Cabernet Sauvignon

When you think of a bold, rich red wine, you envision a Cab. This variety of wine is full-bodied, acidic, and is best paired with flavorful red meats. If your personality can be described as classy, adventurous, and curious, then you likely embody a Cab.


This rich, sweet wine is best enjoyed alongside a slice of chocolate cake at the end of the night. As a dessert wine, rarely is Port found at the pinnacle of a large party. For this reason, Port embodies a compassionate yet modest personality. 

Prosecco and Champagne

Sparkling wines like Prosecco or Champagne are typically popped open to commemorate a special occasion. Champagne lovers are bubbly, life-of-the-party-type people whom you can always count on for a memorable night. However, their large personalities can sometimes be exhausting – and, like the sparkling wine that they embody, can leave you with a headache once you’ve had too much.

Closing Thoughts

Is there any merit to what your favorite wine says about you? Research suggests that there could be a correlation between personality and wine preference. A survey of about 2,000 American adults showed that extroverts prefer sparking wine (40%), while introverts prefer red wine (48%), and those who identify as on the brink of introvert and extrovert prefer rosé (32%). In the same vein, red wine drinkers are considered to be more outdoorsy and are more likely early risers, while white wine lovers are typically found indoors and are considered night owls.

While someone’s favorite wine can’t tell us everything we need to know about their personality, it can tell us more than we think. These findings tell an interesting story about different wine drinkers’ personalities, but remember, the motives behind why we gravitate toward certain flavors, wines, or drinks, are extremely complex. 

This list is by no means a comprehensive one, and there are plenty of wine varieties not mentioned. In fact, we’ve only scratched the surface of all there is to know about wine. If you’re looking for more ways to celebrate National Wine Day, take this quiz to match yourself with a wine type, or learn about wine facts here.

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