What The Organization Birthright Really Does And Why It’s Good For All Women

I used to roll my eyes at Birthright billboards. I'd get angry when I saw pro-life bumper-stickers that said, “It's a child, not a choice,” or “Abortion stops a heartbeat.”

By Jessica Marie Baumgartner3 min read
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I had been indoctrinated to think “abortion is healthcare,” but after my own horrible abortion experience and years of healing and becoming a mother to four children, I came to understand the full story. 

I now volunteer for Birthright, an international pro-life organization of crisis pregnancy centers, with my daughter, and I can say that many preconceived notions about this organization are completely wrong. Especially the ones I held. This charity, like crisis nurseries, is one that only works to help women in need. Nothing more, nothing less.  

Birthright Is Not Political at All

Birthright has billboards all over the Midwest. They were formed a little before Roe vs. Wade as a charity to help women embrace motherhood even when they’re struggling. I don’t know why, but maybe because they’re an openly pro-life organization, I once thought that they picketed, protested, and lobbied against abortion services. 

It’s a common misconception, but Birthright does none of these things. Instead, they work to offer a better alternative that gives women more options than just abortion. They also don’t take any government funding. All of their funding comes from donations alone. This charitable organization merely provides free pregnancy tests, counseling, supplies, and medical care for any mother who chooses to keep her baby. 

Birthright provides free pregnancy tests, counseling, supplies, and medical care.

Volunteers and employees are clearly advised, trained, and held to the Birthright rule that no one working within or partnering with the organization is allowed to use their religious, political, or any personal beliefs to try and sway a mother’s decision. What pregnant women choose to do with their babies and their bodies is solely up to them. If they decide to keep their baby or give it up for adoption, Birthright helps them through any of the steps and processes they wish to be aided through.  

Birthright Provides Free Care

The main aspect of Birthright services is that they have partnered with numerous healthcare providers to offer free care to mothers and their babies. Some or all medical services can be paid for by Birthright. Now, the organization doesn’t provide medical services itself, but it pays for services through trusted confidential referrals at any of its partnered providers. These services include, but are not limited to, ultrasounds, sonograms, testing, and even the delivery itself. 

If a woman can’t support herself and her child, Birthright works with other organizations to help the mother pay for her needs and that of her child. If she can’t afford her electric bill, they will pay it. If she needs help buying groceries, that’s covered. They also help her devise a plan to be able to take care of herself so that she doesn’t have to rely on aid indefinitely. 

Baby Bundle Layettes

Volunteers, like myself and my daughter, don’t handle counseling or free healthcare services. That’s all left to the professionals. What we get to do is help organize item donations and pack gift bags.

All mothers who come to Birthright and keep their baby are gifted a large layette about six weeks before their due date. These big gift bags are filled with diapers, wipes, clothes, bottles, toys, pacifiers, blankets, sheets, baby shampoo, lotion, diaper cream, and most everything needed to care for a newborn. 

Any mother in need can receive aid, not just first-time moms or single mothers.

My daughter and I have such a fun time doing this. It’s so touching to fold baby blankets and pick out clothes for newborns. We go into “The Baby Room” which is packed with everything needed to put together these bundles, and it smells so sweet. It’s just a happy place that makes everyone smile.

The donations that pour in from people pile up and get sorted for distribution. Any mothers in need can receive one of these bundles. They don’t have to be single mothers or first-time parents. If the economy has harshly impacted couples and/or they’re struggling to make ends meet expecting their second, or third, or fourth baby, or even just need a little boost, Birthright is there for support. This isn’t just a charity for extreme cases, they truly are a place where people can seek aid even if they simply need a little extra support. 

Closing Thoughts

I wish someone had told me all this when I was younger. Maybe I would have been more understanding and supportive of this helpful, honest organization. Now that I know what Birthright does, and happily volunteer for them, I wanted to share these special details to help clarify why this organization is good for all women. 

They’re a charity that offers a warm welcoming atmosphere and does everything possible to support mothers in need and their babies. It’s a great cause. One that provides true healthcare to those who need it most. You can visit for more information or to see how you can help.

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