We're Still Laughing At Out-Of-Touch Celebrities Who Think They Can Usher In World Peace Through Poems And Songs

By Gina Florio··  3 min read
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AnnaLynne McCord poem

Celebrities really think they can solve the world's problems by being "nice." Virtue signaling takes on a whole new level with AnnaLynne McCord's latest tweet.

If you're not sure who AnnaLynne McCord is, well, you're not the only one. Apparently she's an actress and model who was on 90210, and now she is a poet who is convinced that she has discovered the root of the Russia and Ukraine conflict.

AnnaLynne McCord's Poem Was Mocked All Over the Internet

You've probably (unfortunately) already seen AnnaLynne's poem on Twitter. She released a video of herself reciting her very own poem in which she points to President Vladimir Putin's mommy issues and insists that the world be different if she were his mother. Because of course that's the only explanation of the conflict we're witnessing between Russia and Ukraine.

"Dear President Vladimir Putin, I'm so sorry I was not your mother," she kicked off. "If I was your mother you would have been so loved, held in the arms of joyous light."

We know what you're thinking: is this not parody? Well, it seems that she is dead serious. She continues, "If I was your mother the world would have been warm, so much laughter and joy. I can't imagine the stain, the soul-stealing pain that the little boy, you must have seen and believed." She is so self-involved that she actually thinks her unique, perfect mothering would have stopped this international conflict.

Yes, AnnaLynne, Russia is sending troops to Ukraine because Putin's mommy didn't give him enough fun tummy time when he was a baby. She goes on to say that she would have died to protect Putin from the "unjust, the violence, the terror, the uncertainty." The fact that she has reduced a tragic global conflict to pop psychology that has been poorly derived from Freudianism just proves how out of touch these celebrities are.

In case you need another reminder of the deep narcissism of Hollywood, remember the "Imagine" dumpster fire in 2020? Gal Gadot thought she would save the world from coronavirus by singing one of the worst songs ever written in the history of humankind.

She recruited various celebs like Sarah Silverman, Amy Adams, Jimmy Fallon, and Cara Delevingne to sing along. And in the caption she wrote, "We are in this together, we will get through it together." Yeah, we're all in this together while you got to hole up in your mansion with a full-time staff while the working class was forced to forego work, shut down their businesses, and struggle to put food on the table for their children. Okay, Gal.

These people are insufferably self-obsessed and they really, genuinely think that they're going to make the world a better place by singing a song or reciting a poem. And the worst part is, they all have this "I'm saving the world" twinkle in their eyes. They are convinced that they're offering a service to the universe.

The only proper response to AnnaLynne's assault on our ears is, of course, Jesse Kelly's gif.

When will these celebrities realize that they do not live in the same reality as the rest of us?

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