We Can Stop Irreversible Sex Change Surgeries for Minors. Here's How.

As increasing numbers of detransitioning adults speak up about their harrowing experiences of being misled as minors, doctors are worried about the legal consequences they could face for the harm they’ve caused by performing irreversible sex change surgeries. They should be.  

By Carmen Schober2 min read
Unsplash/Verne Ho

As American progressives continue to push “gender-affirming” care for children, countries in Europe are doing the opposite.

The Critical Shift in Medical Practice

The medical community is at a crossroads. Historically, gender-affirming care has surged in popularity, supposedly driven by a compassionate desire to help those struggling with their identity. However, this quick-to-affirm model, where the complex psychological landscapes of minors are often overlooked in favor of immediate medical interventions, has irreparably damaged the lives of young men and women, and potential legal battles are heating up. The recent closure of England's once-celebrated Tavistock gender-affirming clinic for children underscores the power of public scrutiny and legal action. 

Removing or Changing the Statute of Limitations

This also points Americans to an effective solution. If lawmakers impose serious legal liabilities on doctors, particularly by removing or modifying the statute of limitations, medical professionals would be compelled to adopt a much more cautious approach. If the statute of limitations can’t be removed, lawmakers should propose it be modified so that the clock starts when the detransition process begins rather than when the treatment begins.

Given the extreme tactics doctors and progressive activists have used to pressure children and their parents into pursuing life-altering treatments, this proposal is more than reasonable. The frequent insistence that a child will commit suicide if they don’t receive treatments or surgery is entirely baseless, and, on the contrary, evidence is mounting that these treatments are causing more long-term distress. Engaging in such flagrant coercion with such devastating results should result in medical professionals facing extreme legal consequences. This is why removing or modifying the statute of limitations when it comes to hormone therapies and sex change surgeries should be seriously considered. It would play a pivotal role in stopping these disastrous treatments and surgeries. 

The Rise of Detransitioners and Whistleblowers

Thankfully, the voices of detransitioners and whistleblowers are becoming louder and more influential. Their testimonies and exposés shed light on the often irreversible harm caused by premature medical interventions and the lack of scientific rigor in the gender-affirming care process.

One notable example is Jamie Reed's revelation of the practices at the Washington University Transgender Center at St. Louis Children's Hospital. She thought she was helping trans kids, but what she witnessed was “morally and medically appalling.” Her account of patients regretting their transitions, such as a young woman who tragically underwent a double mastectomy only to later realize she was not transgender, has prompted investigations into the clinic's practices. 

Similarly, Chloe Cole, a young woman who was convinced to transition as a child, bravely stood before Congress, and shared about the tragic outcomes of such an uncritical embrace of gender-affirming care. "I speak to you today as a victim of one of the biggest medical scandals in the history of the United States of America," Cole declared, her voice full of sadness. Her intervention at an early age, driven by the conviction of adults around her, led to a "lifelong, irreversible harm.” This is why we must impose legal liabilities and ensure that medical professionals are accountable for the long-term outcomes of these dangerous treatments.

Closing Thoughts: Justice Should Be Served

Adopting a critical perspective on gender-affirming care is the most compassionate way to help children in distress. Gender ideologues, activists, and progressive politicians are hurting those they claim to care about when they vilify those who are seeking a model of care that prioritizes thorough psychological support and protects the developmental health of minors. Despite the mounting evidence that gender-affirming care hurts more than it helps, the Biden administration and his supporters continue to push it on American children. That’s why serious legal consequences are the answer. If they won’t listen to reason, maybe they’ll listen to a lawyer.

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