We Asked Our Readers: What's Your Best Valentine's Day Ever?

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Love is dead, or so we're told constantly. But in reality, there are so many romantic men out there, and some of our readers are lucky enough to be with them! Get ready for some sweet stories of love and romance!

1. My now-husband and I had a terrible dinner one Valentine's Day, so we ended up ordering a pizza as soon as we got home. Now, we stay home, order a pizza, drink wine, and eat lots of sweets as a tradition! -Olivia


2. My husband of 18 years arranged to get takeout from my favorite restaurant after he and our four kids cleaned the whole house as a surprise. -Nicole

3. I love all the small romantic gestures and sweet things all day, followed by a nice dinner, preferably fancy! The thought does count! -Sam

4. In college, my now-husband showed up to my dorm room with flowers and a giant Mason jar full of wine. -Linda


5. We went to see Casablanca in the old-fashioned red velvet seat movie theater at my school. -Nat

6. Valentine's Day happened during our honeymoon in Italy. We went to a chocolate festival in Florence that day. So romantic. - Sarah


7. My now-fiancé came to help when I had a moving emergency. We shared our first kiss that day too! -Giorgina

8. When we first started dating, my husband made me dinner for Valentine's Day. It was very sweet. - Laura


9. We drove out to a lake to see an ice palace and just talked for hours and hours on the drive there and back.

10. Last year my husband took me to New York! Talk about the most romantic trip ever. -Julie

11. He took me out for a picnic at a gorgeous lookout, took me to Krispy Kreme for donuts, then we watched the Notebook!


12. Last year was our first Valentine's Day since getting engaged, it was the best one yet. -Anna

13. This one was a special story sent in by one of our readers, enjoy.

"Well, this is one of the million reasons I love my husband. For some background, it was February of last year, shortly before we were married.

I'd had some health issues and been on crutches for a couple of months, trying different things at physical therapy, nothing worked. He's so compassionate, took me to PT.

He pushed me around a theme park in a wheelchair, and when I finally had surgery, he had someone cover for him to teach his son's Boy Scout troop, then brought me dinner and took care of me.

I always knew he loved me, but it wasn't until I could barely walk, and he went above and beyond all the time for that that I saw what true, compassionate love could look like. I didn't know men like him existed.

The week after my surgery was Valentine's Day. He knew I was still feeling pretty rough after my surgery, and just being up and at church that day was a lot for me. So he asked me to take a nap in his room, and I was asleep in seconds.

When I woke up, it was after dark. I smelled the most delicious, succulent steak dinner I'd ever had. The meal was all set complete with wine glasses, food, and he & his son had gotten me flowers. (He doesn't understand but knows I LOVE all the flowers.) We had a beautiful dinner together.

He constantly surprises me, and I don't get tired of bragging about him. We've been married since May and every day he shows me in new ways how much he cares for me. There's so much negativity about men in our culture and I never thought I'd get married, let alone to a man who puts me and his son first and loves us unconditionally. Chivalry is NOT dead.

From our first Valentine's Day as a couple when he hand-carved me a jewelry box, to now expecting our first baby and running to the store late at night for ice pops or holding my hair back when I'm sick, this man is the real deal. He knows that family is where it's at, and he treasures us so well. I only pray I am as much of a blessing to him. I'm going to spend the rest of my life trying to outdo him in showing love."


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