We Asked Our Readers What They Think The Hottest Male Professions Are—Here Are Their Top 10

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He’s focused, he’s mentally tough, and he knows that he can’t cheat the grind if he wants to succeed.

Whether you choose to work or not, the mental image of a breadwinning husband has been burned into our minds. Many of us are in awe and admiration of our hardworking beaus, but the idea of the classic breadwinner begs the question: which career is actually the most attractive to women nowadays? 

We got curious and asked our readers what they thought the hottest male professions are. They shared some pretty intriguing answers, and we were surprised by how many shared similar sentiments. So here are 10 of the most common answers, and why many women find these to be the sexiest roles.

1. Firefighter

Overwhelmingly, the hottest male profession was a firefighter. In fact, the sentiment was so strong you’d almost think there was a grand conspiracy going on. But here’s why it’s all just a big coincidence. The role a firefighter takes is one of the most sacrificial, dangerous jobs that also allows men to remain close to a growing family. 

Due to their unusual schedule that typically looks like 24 hours on and 48 hours off, a firefighter has to leave his family for a lengthy period of time to save lives but then has double that amount of time in between shifts to spend with his loved ones. A firefighter not only has to have general mechanical aptitude (he can be your handyman at home), but he needs grit and physical endurance. He’s a hero, he’s capable, and he has to know how to be rational under pressure! No wonder why the firefighter was the hottest.

2. Law Enforcement

Though many women expressed that they love just about any profession that’s in the business of defense and protection, law enforcement agent beaus also ranked very high. Men who become police officers require a strong sense of ethics and intuition. They might be a bit of an adrenaline junkie, choosing to seek thrilling and often dangerous challenges in their workplace, but they excel at remaining calm and collected in stressful situations.

Though the term also comes with criticism from feminist movements, there’s something to be said about women naturally having a bit of a “Cinderella Complex,” meaning that women lean toward dependence and seek out men who can be their protector, whether that’s keeping them safe or saving them from their problems.

3. Military

Look, it’s not an exact science, but ladies really do love a man in uniform. Military men are driven to serve, safeguarding a cause that’s much bigger than themselves. This guy has dedicated his life to protecting his country, and he’s naturally going to be protective of his loved ones. With men in the armed forces, there’s an additional aura of mystery and allure if he can’t divulge certain parts of his job because it’s classified.

Of the branches of the military, our readers showed lots of love for men who serve in the Navy and the Marines. Although a military man checks off that “serve and protect,” self-sacrificial element to his career like firefighters and police officers, he may be gone for longer periods of time when deployed.

4. Construction and Skilled Trades

Our readers made it clear that they’re into anything that involves power tools or heavy equipment. Whether their ideal guy is a lineman, engineer, carpenter, handyman, welder, electrician, or anything in between, ladies are driven to blue-collar beaus. These careers typically include a lot of physical labor, and research points to higher levels of muscularity as being more attractive to women.

“Men working office jobs just don’t hit the same,” expressed one reader. Another reader shared that she admires the idea of a “manly man who can build you a home and make good dollars.”

So what’s the allure of a construction worker over a public servant like a first responder or a man in the armed forces? The hardhat and steel-toed shoe career path is a bit less glamorous but requires hard work and dedication. And for what it’s worth, ladies with a higher libido might like a construction worker for a spouse, seeing as how surveys have shown that construction workers actually have sex two times more than the national average.

5. Pilot

A man who gets paid to travel? Our readers dig it, and apparently this is not an uncommon sentiment. Tinder released data a little while back which suggested that pilots are the most-right-swiped profession. 

The pilot undoubtedly has a stable, sufficient income that he earned from his drive and determination to learn a daring skill. Bonus points that these men still need a pretty high level of physical fitness, although not as much as other, more physically-taxing careers. This goes over well for pilot men, since research has also shown that though women are drawn to muscular men, they tend to settle down with those who are a bit less built. That being said, his working hours might not be optimal for ladies who struggle with their man oftentimes being many miles away.

6. Doctors

Many women admire physicians not only for their salary size but for their dedication. A lot of passion and motivation goes into finishing medical school. Doctors are also curious and compassionate, using their problem-solving skills to help their patients live healthier lives. 

Our readers showed a lot of love for pediatricians, a field which you could reasonably assume would also mean your children would be raised with great care. Unsurprisingly, women weren’t into men being gynecologists, and data backs it up that this career is dominated by women. Regardless of which type of medicine he practices, there’s something understandably attractive to our readers about a man with high income, job security, intelligence, prestige, and of course…a uniform!

7. Lawyer

He will lead a busy life and oftentimes be working long hours, but women are drawn to a lawyer because he’s highly analytical, a problem solver, great at communicating, and thoughtfully decisive. Of course, a strong income doesn’t hurt either to be able to support a family. Data can back this up, with 89% of the women surveyed by FastLife saying that men who practice law are very datable. 

“I love a man who can read,” said one reader on the critical trait that attorneys need: being able to absorb vast amounts of knowledge and distill it down into something logical and more easily digestible.

Another reader pointed out that, rather than a uniform, she loves a man who works any job that requires a suit. It’s notable that 91% of Americans feel like “dapper clothing” can really level up a guy’s look, even if he’s not typically handsome by nature.

8. Faith Leader

It may come as a surprise, but many readers find the idea of dating or marrying a pastor, theologian, or faith leader in general very attractive. For women of faith, having a partner whose day-to-day life revolves around his relationship with God and how he helps others grow stronger in their religious values could help her grow in her faith and also add an uplifting dynamic to their relationship.

Devout, religious men tend to also have firm family values, and studies have shown that women are attracted to family-oriented men rather than those who just focus on career success. Ladies who date and marry a faith leader bear the burden of having to share him with his entire congregation, but in turn they get a life partner who has a sound conscience, seeks to inspire those around him, is a man of integrity, and is loving and caring. 

9. Entrepreneur

This type of man has to be self-sufficient, analytical, motivated, candid, and ambitious. Our readers love a man who can be his own boss, constantly looking for upward momentum that can not only support him but also create a stable home life. The life of a CEO or entrepreneur isn’t always linear, however, and one reader expressed how she prefers the idea of her man having a career that’s an 8-5 so he can have family time. 

Of course, when you’re your own boss you can technically call the shots on your working hours, but it’s notable that reports show CEOs work longer hours than your typical salaried employee. The average is 62.5 hours per week, but some CEOs like Elon Musk have reported working 120-hour workweeks. That requires a unique amount of drive, but if your entrepreneurial man finds success he can be an incredible provider!

10. Father

Is being a father a profession? To our readers, it was actually one of the hottest paths a man can take. Fatherhood is a lifetime job that doesn’t end when your kids graduate high school. As we know, the father figure is irreplaceable in the lives of children. 

In an era where much of mainstream culture throws judgment at fathers or wants to dismantle the nuclear family, we need supportive fathers more than ever. It’s notable that our readers thought this was one of the hottest professions because the dynamic between a husband and wife can drastically affect the upbringing of their children. A father loves unconditionally, serves as a noble role model, and is an integral part of a family’s foundation.

Closing Thoughts

There’s no wrong answer for what the hottest male profession is. A few of our readers echoed similar sentiments that any career which is honest and hardworking is ultimately the best path.

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