Was Jeffrey Epstein “Created” By An Intelligence Agency?

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We know that Jeffrey Epstein is a pedophile. We know that Jeffrey Epstein is friends with other high-profile individuals who might be pedophiles too.

But there are still so many questions left unanswered about the Jeffrey Epstein scandal. Prominent and highly respected public intellectual Eric Weinstein asked one of these questions. 

The Question No One Else Is Asking

Mathematician and economist, Eric Weinstein, who is the Managing Director of Thiel Capital, brought up an interesting question about Jeffrey Epstein that seems to be largely ignored by the media. Weinstein is a prominent and highly respected public intellectual. He coined the term “the Intellectual Dark Web” to describe the group of thinkers whose thoughts are excluded by mainstream academia. 

In his hour-long podcast, he asked, “Was the Jeffrey Epstein persona ‘constructed’ by an intelligence agency?” Through his education and his line of work, Weinstein has access to the most brilliant minds in the world. In his attempt to make sense of the Jeffrey Epstein mystery, he asks if it’s possible that Epstein was a “manufactured” persona like Eli Cohen, an Israeli spy who infiltrated the highest ranks of the Syrian military and government by posing as a Syrian businessman. 

“Was the Jeffrey Epstein persona ‘constructed’ by an intelligence agency?”

Eli Cohen held orgies where he gathered information about these high-level officials, as well as putting them in compromising situations in order to gather intelligence. Asking these questions isn’t conspiracy theorizing. There have been historical instances where operations like these were carried out, enough for the press to conduct an intensive investigation of Epstein and his connections. Yet, there’s a wall that’s preventing the Epstein story from being discussed properly. 

According to Eric Weinstein, here are some central questions that are not being asked:

  • “Was Jeffrey Epstein known to be attached to any intelligence agency anywhere in the world?”

  • “Were his activities known by the intelligence agencies and was there any kind of tacit approval or understanding, or is there a categorical denial that such techniques may never be used?”

  • “Since Jeffrey Epstein made his fortune as a hedge fund manager, where are the trading and financial records from this work?”

As much as the Jeffrey Epstein story has unfolded so far, the biggest question has yet to be answered. It still stands that no one has come forward to say that they made a trade with Jeffrey Epstein. There are simply no financial records to explain the fortune he amassed.

“A Meeting So Bizarre and So Remarkable, It Stuck with Me Ever Since”

Eric Weinstein once met Jeffrey Epstein at the pedophile’s giant Manhattan townhouse during the early 2000s. It was a business meeting. Epstein had a slew of young and attractive women working for him. While he waited for Epstein to show up, Weinstein realized there were cameras hidden in Epstein’s art installation, possibly for the purpose of recording visitors. 

He thought it was weird that a camera was rigged to be so obviously discoverable.

He thought it was weird that a camera was rigged to be so obviously discoverable and wondered if it was intentional for visitors to know that they were under surveillance. Right after he discovered the hidden camera, Weinstein was ushered into a large waiting room where things became even more bizarre. 

In the waiting room, there was a dining table draped with an American flag, made to look like a coffin. Weinstein recalled thinking about how it was wholly inappropriate to be served food and drink on the flag of his country. Was this deliberately done as a test of his loyalty to America? He couldn’t tell what was going on and started to feel extremely agitated and angry.  

“Absolutely Terrifying Person To Encounter” 

When Jeffrey Epstein appeared for the meeting, he was accompanied by an extremely attractive young woman in her early 20s. Epstein sat down and motioned for her to sit on his knee while he conducted a serious business meeting with Weinstein. Then the pedophile went on to bounce the woman on his knee as she giggled, apparently in order to test Weinstein’s concentration and resolve. 

Weinstein felt like he had just met a “construct,” something that just wasn’t real. 

After the meeting abruptly ended, Weinstein remembered walking out and feeling the hair on the back of his neck rise up. He had a sense that he had met something unholy. He remembered calling his wife to inform her of how utterly strange the whole situation was, and how he had just met a “construct,” something that just wasn’t real. 

“A Very Strange Situation”

Eric Weinstein is no stranger to the mega-rich, and yet, he thought about how he had never met any other person who had behaved in such a strange way as Jeffrey Epstein did. The entire encounter appeared to be “constructed.” Weinstein was familiar with the billionaire class, and it was as though Jeffrey Epstein was merely playing the role of how an eccentric billionaire would act, instead of behaving like how these billionaires actually are in real life.

Epstein’s net worth was around $600 million, yet his spending was to the tune of a multibillionaire.

The biggest inconsistency that Weinstein observed was how Jeffrey Epstein seemed to have a lifestyle that was way beyond his means. Weinstein pointed out that the pedophile’s net worth was estimated to be around $600 million, yet his spending was to the tune of a multibillionaire. The numerous sprawling properties he owned, the many private jets he had, the private island under his name — these are purchases that are only afforded by the wealthiest of billionaires, not just a mere multimillionaire. 

“His Lifestyle Was of Two Magnitudes Higher Than His Net Worth”

Due to the nature of his work, Eric Weinstein spends a lot of time among the mega-rich. From here he observed how there’s a very distinct difference between the lifestyles and behaviors of a mega-billionaire and a multimillionaire. Jeffrey Epstein’s behavioral pattern fits the profile of a person with an 11 figure fortune, while in reality he was just hovering around a 9 figure fortune. 

This begs the question – how did Jeffrey Epstein manage to afford all of this? No one seems to know how he made his money. If this isn’t weird enough, Epstein claimed that the $70 million Manhattan mansion was gifted to him by a friend. Now, who knew friends could be so generous? 

“Operation Being Run with Knowledge of Governments That May Have Involved Pedophilia?”

Eric Weinstein wonders about what it is that’s keeping reporters from asking the questions that are on everybody’s minds. A while ago, Evie asked a similar question about the lack of coverage on child trafficking by women’s publications. We noted how little the Jeffrey Epstein story was covered despite the intense public interest. 

The public has to rely on the “nosey neighbor next door” in order to get the dish on Epstein.

The closest thing to a high-profile coverage of the Jeffrey Epstein scandal came from the Netflix documentary Filthy Rich, produced by the successful thriller author, James Patterson. James Patterson was Epstein’s neighbor in Palm Beach. Consider the absurdity of how when the media establishment fails to do their job, the public has to rely on the “nosey neighbor next door” in order to get the dish on one of the most high-profile stories of our time. 

“People Started Asking Those Questions. And They Stopped. And That Is What Idea Suppression Is All About.” 

The Jeffrey Epstein scandal is frustrating to us, the public, because we’re seeing how the media isn’t performing their duty of investigative reporting and the digging needed to uncover the story. So many questions are still left unanswered. Like why did Ehud Barak, former President of Israel, go into a business partnership with Jeffrey Epstein in 2015, even after Epstein was already a convicted pedophile? These are juicy stories that the public would want to know, yet the stories are swept under the rug. 

Weinstein deduced that when there’s a story that goes against the narrative of the mainstream media, the cabal of news organizations will collude to stay silent about it. Since no one in the cabal of establishment news will report on it, the story will then be picked up by conservative media like FOX News. After which, the cabal of establishment news will shrill along the lines of “CAN YOU BELIEVE THE LIES FOX NEWS IS TELLING YOU?!” And that is how the establishment news cabal kills a story. 

Closing Thoughts

The mystery surrounding the Jeffrey Epstein story goes on. Was Epstein an intelligence asset? Was he connected to an intelligence agency? Maybe it was even Ghislaine Maxwell who was really the spy and Jeffrey Epstein was her “front”? Prince Andrew did mention that his friendship was predominantly with Ghislaine, not Jeffrey. It’s hard to imagine how MI5, Britain’s counter-intelligence agency which reports to Her Majesty’s Government, failed to tell the Queen’s son about Epstein’s pedophile tendencies. 

But these are all just speculations because we just don’t know. That’s exactly the problem. We simply don’t know because these are the questions that are not asked by the media establishment. Will the press start investigating these questions? They might if we, the public, continue to keep the story alive.

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