Wait, Where Are All Of Epstein And Maxwell’s Clients Anyway?

Private jets, palatial properties, and pedophilia. Why is Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell’s client list somehow still unavailable to the public?

By Andrea Mew6 min read
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If we’ve learned anything from the death – I mean suicide – of Jeffrey Epstein and the Ghislaine Maxwell trials, it's that the entertainment industry and high-ranking global elites are well aware of shady dealings but are complicit until it’s popular to actually care. Maxwell was a socialite in her own right and thus was able to rub elbows with powerful individuals, but she also caught the fallout for a very obvious, exploitative pedophile operation. 

Though she was facing a maximum sentence of 40 years behind bars on six counts, including sex trafficking of minors, lawyers fought for her grounds for leniency like her “difficult, traumatic childhood with an overbearing, narcissistic, and demanding father.” Ultimately, Maxwell will only be serving 20 years in prison and was recently moved to a cushy, low-security federal prison (Tallahassee Federal Correctional Institution) that offers her yoga, pilates, commercial snacks, and even collagen facials.

So are we just going to memory hole the public about the fact that Maxwell systemically procured girls to engage in criminal sexual activities with some of the worst people in the world, yet they’re all still part of the ruling class?

Elon Musk put it really nicely when he shared on Twitter: “Only thing more remarkable than DOJ not leaking the list is that no one in the media cares. Doesn’t that seem odd?” He tweeted this with a meme saying “things I’ll never see in my life” and four quadrants: a dragon, a dinosaur, a unicorn, and then the words “the Epstein/Maxwell client list.”

Countless Have Been Photographed Epstein-Adjacent, but That Doesn’t Implicate Them

To try to get to the bottom of Epstein and Maxwell’s client list, online users have created entire Instagram accounts dedicated to collecting celebrities posing with Maxwell, but just because someone was pictured with Maxwell, it doesn’t mean they were complicit in her crimes nor did they necessarily have any real ties to their business. Anyone can pose for photographs with someone else during an event and have no personal or business ties to them.

Among an impossibly long list, Maxwell has been pictured with supermodel Naomi Campbell at a 2002 party in New York, actor Kyle MacLachlan in 2013 at a New York album launch party, Elle MacPherson in 1998 at a London party, Piers Morgan in 2013 in New York, home decor icon Martha Stewart in 2012 at a New York award party, socialite Paris Hilton and future U.S. President Donald Trump in 2000 at a New York fashion show, Rolling Stones singer Mick Jagger in 2011 at a Beverly Hills dinner, musician Michael Bolton in 2002 at a Mar-A-Lago club, then-President of Iceland Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson in 2013, actress Jane Krakowski and Real Housewives star Carole Radziwill in 2007 at a Chinatown party.

Anyone can pose for photographs with someone else at an event without having ties to them.

We all know that there is definitive proof that Maxwell was making the rounds to procure and escort young women and girls for exploitative sexual acts with Jeffrey Epstein, but there’s radio silence when it comes to the names of individuals who Maxwell and Epstein extended their services to.

Epstein and Maxwell Had Ruinous Ties to Many Industries – Fashion and Federal

Among the most suspicious of Maxwell’s prospective clientele is the now-ostracized Prince Andrew, Duke of York. Maxwell knew Prince Andrew in her days as a socialite in the ‘80s and was rumored to have introduced the prince to Jeffrey Epstein. Rumor mills consider Prince Andrew as having one of the strongest cases against him in the alleged pedophile ring, and in all likelihood, Maxwell has video footage of the prince which could incriminate him. Ever since murmurs of Prince Andrew’s entanglement in the Epstein/Maxwell case began, the British Royal Family has actually distanced themselves from Prince Andrew.

And then there’s Jean-Luc Brunel, a model talent scout from Paris nicknamed the “King of the Catwalk,” who was accused of trafficking over 1,000 women and girls to Epstein. He was discovered dead in his cell at La Santé prison earlier this year. He allegedly hung himself. Accusations against Brunel are much more brutal than Epstein’s, with some alleging that he was a systemic rapist. 

Brunel discovered Milla Jovovich and Christy Turlington, and worked with ladies like Monica Bellucci and Sharon Stone. After meeting Ghislaine Maxwell, he continued his work in the fashion industry but was kicked out of his agency in 1999. Then, he set up MC2 Model Management and has been accused of “using the ruse of a modeling agency to bring Epstein young victims.” 

Major retailers Target, Kohl’s, Sears, Belk, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom, Macy’s, JCPenny, and Saks Fifth Avenue used MC2 Model Management, just to name a few. What’s worse, Victoria’s Secret continued to work with MC2 even after accusations arose that they were supplying minors to Epstein.

Podcaster and journalist Adam Davidson says he wrote a provocative piece on the matter of the missing client list, yet can’t publish it out of potentially betraying the identity of some victims. He did, however, make mention of Microsoft founder Bill Gates, former Democratic governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson, and former U.S. Presidents Bill Clinton and Donald Trump. 

A former pilot for Epstein went on record saying that Clinton didn’t know anything about potential crimes, and a Jane Doe in Maxwell’s trial said Trump hadn’t engaged in any improper behavior. Yet, isn’t it somewhat strange that the Clintons’ personal staff considered Ghislaine Maxwell “just as important” as Epstein for raising money for their nonprofit organization, the Clinton Foundation revealed in a DailyMail exclusive? Not only that, but Maxwell was apparently their “go-to” when the Clintons wanted to get donations from Epstein, and she was even a guest at Chelsea Clinton’s wedding.

Clinton, like Trump, has gone on record to deny any involvement with child sex trafficking at the hands of Epstein/Maxwell, but in Clinton’s case, some witnesses have claimed otherwise.

Then there was Les Wexner, owner of Victoria’s Secret, who was recently exposed in a Hulu docuseries for his long-term relationship with Jeffrey Epstein. Wexner’s company, L Brands, owned more than just Victoria’s Secret. They also had control over clothing companies like The Limited, Express, Abercrombie & Fitch, and Lane Bryant.

According to the documentary, Epstein actually had complete power of attorney over Wexner’s finances to the tune of $7.5 billion, despite Epstein not having financial experience. Some alleged that it was because of blackmail, others inferred a potential homosexual relationship, but in any case, when Epstein was arrested in 2006 for sexual misconduct with a minor, Wexner actually fronted some of the cost of his legal fees. 

Following Epstein’s arrest in 2019, Wexner denied any knowledge of sex trafficking, saying, “When Mr. Epstein was my personal money manager, he was involved in many aspects of my financial life. But let me assure you that I was NEVER aware of the illegal activity charged in the indictment.”

In addition, Wexner claimed that he cut ties with Epstein once the first scandal hit, but further investigations have suggested that Epstein was more than just Wexner’s money and property manager. An Italian model told the New York Post that Epstein had promised her Victoria’s Secret modeling gigs (print, not runway) if she would massage him while he was naked. In that same piece, another model corroborated the fact that Maxwell, a.k.a. Epstein’s talent scout, “was a constant fixture at Victoria’s Secret event.”

Where Else Could We Look To Find the Client List?

An investigative journalist named Christopher Mason discovered that Epstein kept surveillance tapes of anyone who walked through or around his home and that Maxwell had all of the footage. You might be asking yourself: Why would someone purposely have that much dirt stored away if they weren’t hoping to use it as blackmail? Many questions have been left unanswered, but I digress. Video evidence is likely out there with little to no chance of it emerging into the public eye.

In that event, we can’t forget about the potential gold mine that is the “little black book.” Jeffrey Epstein kept a contact log of everyone he crossed paths with and journalists have obtained copies of the original book with phone numbers intact. The New York Times, the Miami Herald, and other major publications have supposedly tried to contact famous individuals in his Rolodex from time to time, but things changed when a former LA musician Leland Nally actually tried calling every number.

He detailed his whole process in a piece published in Mother Jones, sharing that Epstein’s contact book was thorough and gargantuan, but that there were “just as many boring numbers as exciting ones – for every Jordanian princess there are three reflexologists from Boca.”

This further reinforces the point that not everyone who crossed paths with Ghislaine Maxwell or Jeffrey Epstein is somehow guilty, and we would be doing many innocent people a disservice by assuming they were involved in criminal activity just for having known either of them.

“At times the book felt like a dark palantir, giving me glimpses of dreadful, haunted dimensions that my soft, gentle, animal being was never supposed to encounter. At other times it was nearly the opposite, almost grotesquely boring and routine,” Nally explained.

Nally believes his quest revealed reasonably believable dirt. He called an actress who had met Epstein prior to him amassing his wealth and who shared a decades-long friendship with him. This actress found her “in” with Epstein’s model contacts and would regularly find herself running in circles with top names like Andy Warhol or Vera Wang. Additionally, the actress told Nally that she flew on Epstein’s private planes, attended exclusive parties, made it to Little Saint James (the alleged pedophile island), frequented Epstein’s properties, and hung out with Clinton staffers, but claimed she never actually witnessed sexual abuse.

Then, Nally got in contact with an art student who had met with Epstein to get an investment for her screenplay. She was invited to his opulent New York townhouse for what she thought was a business meeting and was disturbed by his staff asking if she wanted massages. The art student reported that Epstein was a gentleman throughout the duration of their meeting, until he groped her. She then denied his check for the screenplay and discovered that her mutual connection in the art world who set up the business meeting was actually painting lewd images for Epstein.

Nally’s conclusion? He reported that “the current grand unified theory of Jeffrey Epstein goes like this: He was indeed operating a child sex ring; he was videotaping members of the global elite engaged in sex acts with underage girls on his private island; and he was using this footage to blackmail them, either for his own personal enrichment or on behalf of any number of intelligence agencies.”

If all of this was taking place, and we know that Maxwell was helping Epstein identify, befriend, and groom minors for exploitation, then why is so much of the truth still being withheld from public scrutiny?

The media cone of silence around this scandal is deafening despite it being one of the loudest stories of our times.

Even Some of Epstein’s Associates Are Calling for Justice

In a recent, exclusive interview with NewsNation, former Jeffrey Epstein associate Christina Oxenberg was asked if the public will ever find out all of the names. In response, she said, “I think we know the names. They are former presidents, a very mouthy lawyer who lives in Boston. They are on the flight logs, in the little black book. However, are they more responsible than Ghislaine? I am not a victim, so I’m going to see things differently.”

According to Oxenberg, all of the information should be public and there should be punishments in accordance.

“You know, sex rings have gone on forever. This is not new. This has nothing to do with privilege and money. This particular group was to satisfy Jeffrey’s proclivity for underaged girls. That’s the problem with the whole thing. If Jeffrey had just wanted beautiful young ladies, there’s no problem. But he liked children,” she divulged.

It would appear that no one really wants to be the rat who comes forward bearing the truth or admitting that they had knowledge these crimes were taking place. The mainstream media won’t touch the client list with a 30-foot pole, but could that be because a portion of their staff, friends, or colleagues are implicated in the real client list? Will we ever get a clear story about how so many powerful figures are connected in a sex trafficking ring, or is law enforcement intending to keep things hush-hush until we move on?

Perhaps those who are in power aren’t chomping at the bit to combat pedophilia because some of them could be involved. Back in 2019, Congress introduced legislation to combat U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) computer systems being used to share or procure child pornography. Over 5,000 individuals were identified in the process leading up to the legislation being authored, and hundreds of those individuals were directly affiliated with the DOD. What I’m getting at here is that it’s hard to know how much truth will ever come to light if those in power could be found to be responsible for pedophilia or sexual abuse.

Closing Thoughts

Of all of the things which shouldn’t be forgotten, Epstein and Maxwell’s client list ranks pretty high. Yet, Maxwell went through an untelevised trial, was sentenced for less than expected, and was moved to softer prison accommodations. This is all while court filings have admitted that her conduct was “shockingly predatory” and that “she was a calculating, sophisticated, and dangerous criminal who preyed on vulnerable young girls and groomed them for sexual abuse.” 

So what about all of the young women and girls who were abused at the hands of men that Epstein and Maxwell worked with? The media cone of silence around this scandal is deafening despite the Epstein/Maxwell case being one of the loudest stories of our times, and unfortunately, countless victims are at risk of never receiving an ounce of justice.

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