Viral Video Of Ukrainian Father Crying As He Sends His Daughter To Safety Shows The Impact Of The Russia Invasion

We have all been horrified by the Russia-Ukraine conflict that has escalated to the Russians attacking various cities in Ukraine. There is one viral video in particular that shows just how devastating this situation has been on everyday families.

By Gina Florio1 min read
Ukraine father

When we hear about international wars or conflicts, it's easy to think about it in abstract terms, but when we see authentic videos that are shared from someone's phone, it's much easier to see how these issues impact innocent families. This viral video will surely tug at your heartstrings and make you hold your loved ones close tonight.

The Father Is Sending His Daughter to Safety

We're not sure where exactly this video took place, and we don't know the exact context, but we can gather that a father is saying goodbye to his daughter and wife as they get on a bus. They are likely being sent to a safe place while the father stays behind in Ukraine.

The father bends down to put his daughter's hat on, and as he hugs and kisses her he starts to break down, clearly devastated by the fact that he knows his future with his daughter is unclear. His daughter starts crying as well. They both appear distraught and fearful of what will come next.

After they embrace, the father puts her on the bus with her mother and he puts his hand on the window as he takes one last glance at them.

This video is truly heartbreaking even if we don't know all the details. Unfortunately, as things escalate more and Russia continues to attack various parts of Ukraine, this video likely won't be the last of its kind.