Viral TikTok Trend Reveals Moms Transforming Into Their Daughters, Showing How Clothes And Makeup Play A Huge Role In How Old You Appear To Be

The latest TikTok trend shows adorable transformations that mothers make by simply putting on their daughter's clothing and makeup. It has sparked a conversation about our modern perception of aging.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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There have been some pretty wacky TikTok trends over the last couple years. From questionable pink sauce to embarrassing confessionals about infidelity, the social media app never ceases to surprise us. One of the latest trends is proving to be adorable, though. Various daughters are sharing before-and-after videos of their moms transforming into themselves by putting them in their outfits and makeup. A simple makeover has made many of the mothers look decades younger, sparking some conversation about our modern perceptions of aging.

Viral TikTok Trend Shows Moms Transforming into Their Daughters

Various girls on TikTok have been sharing before-and-afters of their moms walking into a room wearing the clothes they normally wear. They write "turning my mom into me" on the screen, followed by the mom walking into the room again, only this time wearing the clothes and makeup of their daughter. The transformations are both cute and surprising, leaving many people to point out that the women look a lot younger just by putting on their daughter's outfit.

"This trend really shows how aging is sometimes just rooted in our perception of what’s modern," Twitter user @ghostinmypocket writes. "A lot of them looked decades younger."

One mom walks out wearing a graphic, off-the-shoulder t-shirt with flare jeans, sneakers, and headphones. Another wears baggy, low-cut, Y2K-inspired jeans with a crop top and silver belt. Another mom comes out wearing black boots, bootcut jeans, and a leather jacket with a choker necklace and red lipstick, looking like she is suddenly 10 or more years younger. There's even a mom who dons her daughter's mini-skirt dress with sheer, patterned tights and knee-high boots, looking like a younger version of herself.

The compilation video has gone viral on Twitter, garnering more than 450,000 likes and almost 53,000 retweets. It has sparked a conversation about how clothing and makeup play a huge role in how old you are perceived to be by society. Someone shared a photo of Elizabeth Taylor when she was only a teenager, next the same photo that is edited to give her more youth-like features.

"I think about this a lot. Like for example, Elizabeth Taylor being only 16 here is unbelievable, but if you put some modern 16 year old hair and makeup on her suddenly it makes sense," @itsmeadoughnut tweets.

Many people are also commenting to talk about how differently the media and Hollywood portrays women today. It seems like the characters who were in their 40s back in the 1990s would look like they're in their 60s if they were portrayed the same way today.

In the 1990s, a 45-year-old wore pearls, a buttoned-up cardigan, and a collared shirt. But a similar character in today's films would wear her makeup differently and would dress more youthfully. The concept of aging seems to ebb and flow through each generation. The way that women age today is very different than the way they were expected to age 100 years ago. It makes you wonder what the societal expectations will be by the time we reach our more mature years.