Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill’s Best Looks

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Victoria's Secret Angel Taylor Hill’s Best Looks instagram

Taylor Hill has made a name for herself as an iconic Victoria's Secret Angel and supermodel, with a surprisingly normal and laid-back life. She's equally comfortable in a gorgeous gown as she is wearing flannel in her rustic Tennessee home.

It didn’t take long for Taylor Hill to see success in the modeling industry. She was discovered on a dude ranch in Colorado when a photographer mistook her for being one of the models. 

She’s most known for her work with Victoria’s Secret. She walked the fashion show for the first time at just 18 years old, making her the youngest model of the group! Only a year later she was given her “wings,” AKA becoming a VS Angel. Even though Victoria’s Secret decided to depart from their iconic angels in favor of brand ambassadors, much of their website home page still showcases their typical catalog models – including Taylor Hill.

Outside her work with Victoria’s Secret, Taylor has also been extremely successful. Perhaps the most notable designer relationship she’s formed is with American designer Ralph Lauren. She’s the perfect face for the brand because of her love of the outdoors and the time she’s spent riding horses since she was a little girl.

As for her private life, Taylor recently got engaged to Daniel Fryer, who works in finance. They keep their relationship pretty private for the most part, and so far that seems to be working great for them. 

Taylor also has an adorable miniature Labradoodle named Tate, who even has his own Instagram account (with a hefty 54k followers).

Now that you know a bit about one of our favorite VS Angels, let’s go through some of her signature best looks. 

Parisian Inspired

You know we love Parisian style here at Evie, and we think this outfit was perfect for Taylor’s trip to Europe. Simple basics are always a good choice. You’ll have people thinking you have great style with zero thought required.

Everyone wants to look amazing in their vacation photos, right? Taylor Hill seems to have figured out that the perfect outfit for the occasion is a beautiful floral dress. The maxi length really suits her long frame. 

Getting Cozy

Taylor loves being up in the mountains with her family. All that time up in Colorado has helped her to master some cute winter looks that keep her warm without sacrificing style. 

Taylor Hill knows a thing or two about finding a look that works for you and sticking to it. Turtlenecks are a classic for a reason!

You don’t have to get all dolled up to put together a great outfit. This outfit is perfect for fall, and it’s the exact right mix of casual (jeans and sweater) and dressy (boots and coat). 

Rocking the Met Gala

I had to talk about the dress Taylor wore to the Met Gala this year. The theme was a “celebration of American independence,” and her Statue of Liberty-inspired Versace gown was gorgeous, on theme, and far and away one of the better looks of the night (especially considering how many genuinely awful looks stars wore on the carpet). 

I think we can all agree that Taylor's 2019 Met Gala look was, by far, her most iconic. Even though the theme was "Camp," Taylor stuck strictly to Hollywood glamour in this gorgeous bias cut dress and statement feather shrug.

Business Casual-Chic

This ultra-chic business-inspired look is one of my favorites. Her messy ponytail helps to make it a bit more playful. Might be a good tip for the next time you’re headed from the office to a dinner date. 

Everyone needs a little pink in their life. We love the mixing of feminine and masculine fashion items with the menswear-inspired blazer and the girly color. 

Going Out

For those nights when you want to go all out, whether it’s date night with your boyfriend or husband or just a night out with your best girls, a beautiful floral dress and big curls will never do you wrong. 

Sequins are a great choice for a nighttime look, and Taylor rocked this look. If you want to up the ante, go for a smoky eye as well. The perfect going-out look is complete.  

This dress would be hard to pull off, but Taylor manages to do it with ease. The details elevate this simple black dress into something perfect for a late-night date or club outing with friends.

Relaxing in Style

Taylor Hill proves that there are some pajamas you’ll want people to see. Why wear an old t-shirt when you could wear a pretty pajama set? Stay in them all day if you want. We won’t tell. 

Closing Thoughts

Taylor Hill is one of my favorite models. She seems to have a great head on her shoulders and has a really sweet disposition that’s gotten her far. Whether her time in the fashion industry has given her a great sense of style or she’s always had it, she definitely knows how to put together a great look.

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