Victoria Beckham Says The Goal To Be Really Skinny Is "An Old-Fashioned Attitude" That Shouldn't Be An Aspiration For Young Women

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Spice Girl Victoria Beckham has been a longstanding pillar in the fashion industry for as long as we can remember. She has made a whole career out of fashion, beauty, and elegance. But she has some words on our society's beauty standards that all young women should hear.

She's been married to soccer star David Beckham since 1999, and they have four kids together. Victoria has always been dedicated to her family and children, but she's also managed to build a successful career simultaneously. In a recent interview with Grazia, she reflects on our society's beauty standards and how they affect young women today.

Victoria Beckham Says the Goal To Be Really Skinny Is "an Old-Fashioned Attitude"

Victoria's fashion line just launched new jersey dresses, silk shirts, and more in an attempt to give women the type of clothing that will promote a flattering silhouette. She got a lot of inspiration from time spent in Miami with her family, where she noticed "a lot of really curvy women" who "really own it." She appreciated how beautiful they were and how they "show their bodies off with confidence." In fact, she found it "really liberating."

Victoria says she's happy that her daughter can witness women like this who are comfortable with their natural figure. She's hoping this will have a positive influence on her more than the influence she herself received when she was younger.

"It’s an old-fashioned attitude, wanting to be really thin," she said. "I think women today want to look healthy, and curvy. They want to have some boobs – and a bum. The curvier you are, the better my VB Body dresses look."

For Victoria, it's not about what size your dress is. "It's about knowing who you are and being happy with who you are," she explained. "I have found my own balance between wanting to have fun and being disciplined about eating healthily and working out. When you’re younger you fight against that balance, but through being older I’ve reached a place where I know what that balance looks like. I just know what works for me."

But she still wants to have a toned butt – and that's why she started lifting heavy weights even though she was scared of them in the past. "I've got so much more muscle tone now," she said. She wants her fashion to include women with different body types. "This isn't just about me," she said.

It's refreshing to hear this take from a fashion icon who has been very skinny herself all her life. But Victoria acknowledges that while some women naturally have a smaller frame, others look a little bit different. And that's okay. It's not healthy for women to try to force themselves to be really skinny when they don't naturally have that frame, and this is a message that all young women need to hear.

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