Vanessa Hudgens Reveals She Met Her Boyfriend In A "Celebrity Meditation Zoom Group" That Was Hosted By Joe Jonas

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Disney sweetheart Vanessa Hudgens has grown up to become one of the most recognized women in Hollywood, and she has acted in a variety of films and TV shows over the years. She sat down with Nylon to discuss her upcoming projects and also reveal the unique way she met her boyfriend.

Vanessa has been known for her lead roles in romantic comedies, especially her Netflix Christmas series The Princess Switch, for which she's a producer. She's taken on various other acting projects and musical performances, and she's also dabbled in becoming a red-carpet host for award shows like the Oscars. She opened up to Nylon about setting boundaries for herself as she gets older and what her personal life looks like these days.

Vanessa Hudgens Reveals She Met Her Boyfriend in a "Celebrity Meditation Zoom Group" That Was Hosted by Joe Jonas

Modern Family actress Sarah Hyland describes Vanessa as someone with a "contagious smile," and she said Vanessa made some major sacrifices to be a bridesmaid at her wedding. Vanessa is used to being friends with A-list celebrities; she was even invited to Joe Jonas' celebrity meditation Zoom group, which is where she met her boyfriend Cole Tucker, professional baseball player.

“I’m not going to call it a celebrity Zoom, but it was a Zoom meditation group that Joe Jonas put together, yes,” Vanessa said. “I did not expect it at all. I don’t think if I entered a meditation Zoom, I’d be like, ‘This is where I’ll meet my person.’ I just showed up and I was like, ‘Who the f*ck is that?’”

The couple were first seen holding hands in 2020 and have been public about their romance for the last year.

Vanessa also opened up about the fact that she wants to have kids one day. She thought she would be married by 25, since that's when her mom got married, but now that she's 33 things have changed. "I always thought that around 36, 37 is when I would want to have kids, and that still plays," she said. "I don’t feel panicked about it."

She says she would love to do what Kelly Clarkson does—host a talk show and be able to sing often. "It's that or being on Broadway," she said.

In the meantime, Vanessa has been doing a form of therapy called shadow work, which allows her to unlock her unconscious mind and see repressed parts of herself. She started to ask herself, “What are the things I actually don’t like about myself? What are the things that I put on a mask for?”

“I realized how much of myself I gave away to others, when I actually was giving away and turning off pieces of myself,” she added. “When you get older, the sexier boundaries are.”

She said she's at a point in her life where her attitude is simple: "'F*ck anyone who doesn’t f*ck with me.' You either f*ck with me or not; it’s cool with me either way. But I f*ck with myself, so that’s all that matters.”

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