Upgrade Your Mani With These 23 Summer-Inspired Nail Trends

With the warmer months at our doorstep, it's only fitting to celebrate the season of vacations, sunshine, and good times with a mani that captures the essence of summer.

By Simone Sydel3 min read
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Whether your style is "more is more," or you want to try the quiet luxury trend that's been making the rounds on social media, your next manicure appointment is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your nails with a fresh and fun twist this summer.

We did our due diligence in scouring trending manicures on social media and carefully curated a list of 23 of the hottest nail trends that will elevate your summer style. From minimalist, romantic, and ultrafeminine designs to bold and vibrant hues that scream vacation, here are the summer-inspired manis we can't stop thinking about.

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Rosy Florals

Rosy pink florals are the perfect nail style for anyone who enjoys a manicure with a dash of romance.

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in Throw In The Towel, $10

Strawberry Glazed Donut

This fun and quirky design mimics the look of a freshly glazed donut imbued with a pink hue and is perfect for adding an element of sugary sweetness to any summer outfit.

Product To Try: Pacifica Nail Polish in Twilight, $10

Iridescent Chrome

An elevation of the glazed-donut mani, the iridescent chrome adds that beautiful sheen that glows under the sunlight, looking like your nails are just under the surface of a glistening lake.

Product To Try: Pacifica Nail Polish in Diamond, $10

Ballerina Pink

Soft and delicate, ballerina pink manis are the perfect choice for anyone seeking a classic, understated nail style for summer. The light hue is flattering on any skin tone and pairs well with just about any outfit.

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in Ballet Slippers, $10

Sheer Nude

Ideal for when you want to keep your nails clean and simple, a sheer nude will add just a touch of color to complement your skin tone and make your nails look natural but better.

Product To Try: Sally Hansen Good Kind Pure Nail Polish in Cashew Butter, $10

Milky White

A milky white manicure is an adorable trend for any season, but it looks particularly appealing on tanned skin and days by the beach during summer. It's a clean and fresh look that can be worn on any occasion for a chic and polished appearance.

Product To Try: OPI Short Solid Color Press On Nails in Funny Bunny, $12


Perfect for anyone looking for a minimalist and complementary shade, this ultra-elegant and sophisticated mani style features a graceful white hue and can be paired with any formal outfit.

Product To Try: Olive & June Nail Polish in White, $9

Pastel Green

Ideal for the soft girl who dreams of spending her days lying in a summer meadow, this light, frothy green will give you the calming boost you need this summer.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in The Pass is Always Greener, $13

Lavender Stems

Embodying the calming scents of lavender fields, this mani features a delicate lavender hue perfect for those seeking a subtle pop of color.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in Achievement Unlocked, $12

Creamy Lilac

Subtle yet playful, this creamy pastel hue is an excellent option for those who want to keep their mani looking simple and stylish.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in To Be Continued, $14

Pastel Chrome

If you're into bold, striking colors that instantly draw attention to your nails, the pastel chrome mani in a gradient style is definitely something to try this summer!

Product To Try: Deborah Lippmann Happier Than Ever Nail Polish Set, $39

Mirrored Tips

Micro French with a fun and chic twist!

Product To Try: Red Carpet Manicure Nail Art Brush & Tool Kit, $12

Colorful Swirl

This colorful swirl features subtle pops of soft and feminine shades and is the perfect way to add a fun and playful touch to your summer mani.

Product To Try: Chillhouse Chill Tips Press-on Nails, $16

Blue Skies and Sandy Beaches

Inspired by clear blue skies and sandy beaches, this mani features a clear base embellished with sky blue and coral details, making it perfect for channeling those summer beach vibes with your fingertips.

Product To Try: OPI Natural Nail Base Coat, $12

European Summer

Turn your nails into one of our favorite aesthetics - a summer vacation in the south of Europe filled with sunny bright hues and, of course, lemon details, just like a carefully curated Pinterest board.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in Exotic Birds Do Not Tweet, $14


Inspired by the beauty of a sunset, this warm mani is perfect for capturing the essence of summer.

Product To Try: Le Mini Macaron Gel Polish in Copacabana, $12

Orange Tips

If sporting full nail color isn't your thing and you want to keep it classy yet interesting, opt for the classic French manicure in a fun orange shade to add a pop of summer to your fingertips.

Product To Try: Essie Nail Polish in Bearer of Rad News, $10

Half Moon

If you're feeling a little adventurous, try the half-moon nail trend. A contrasting color in the same palette with a half-moon shape at the bottom of your nails can add an edgy twist to your summer manicure.

Product To Try: Sally Hansen Nail Salon Pro Brush Kit, $8

Tropical Leaves

Subtle with a tropical flair, this mani features delicate leaf patterns perfect for those looking for a nature-inspired nail style for summer.

Product To Try: Sally Hansen Nail Salon Pro Tool Kit, $8

Strawberry Craze

Is a summer-inspired manicure list ever complete without a strawberry-themed mani?

Product To Try: Inked by Dani Color Nail Art, $10

Coral Pink

A soft coral pink is the perfect go-to nail color for those who want a summery vibe on their fingertips without going too bold or too orange.

Product To Try: China Glaze Nail Lacquer in Stargazer Michy, $10


It's only fitting to get in line for the new Barbie movie this summer with a mani inspired by everyone's favorite fashion doll.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in Emflowered, $13

Ocean Blues

To pay tribute to the ocean and beach vibes, paint your nails with a sparkly blue hue that will have you dreaming of the ocean all summer long.

Product To Try: OPI Nail Polish in Can't Ctrl Me, $12

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