Ukrainian Photographer Shares Photos of Herself Before And After Russia Invasion: “How Much We Can Lose In Just A Few Days”

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Anna Senik

It has been devastating to watch the Russia-Ukraine conflict escalate to such a frightening level right before our eyes. Ukrainian photographer Anna Senik is sharing some footage that reminds us just how fragile life can be.

Russian troops are closing in on the capital of Ukraine as President Vladimir Putin encourages Ukraine's armed forces to "take power into your own hands." As the world is watching it all unfold while attempting to gather as much truthful information as possible, photographer Anna Senik is offering a firsthand account of what's really taking place in Kyiv.

Anna Senik Shared a Moving Before-and-After Photo

On February 25, Anna posted a before-and-after selfie on her Instagram page to display how much can change in such a short amount of time. In the photo on the right, she is wearing beautiful, traditional clothing and jewelry for a photo shoot. But the photo on the left shows her decked out in military uniform; she joined the territorial military defense to help the armed forces protect her country from Russia's attacks.

"This is an illustration of how much we can lose in just a few days," she wrote in the caption. "Appreciate what makes you happy. Every day and every minute."

In a previous post, Anna wrote in the caption, "Russia is attacking us brutally and insidiously. But we are on our land and will defend it until victory. Today I joined the territorial military defense and began my way in the armed forces. I will try to publish news in my stories to keep you informed. I will do this for as long as I can." Her page is full of supportive comments and prayers for her safety.

She shared photos of a young woman named Valentina, who has been "an active military volunteer for several years since the beginning of the Russian aggression." Anna also said she was writing this post from "shelter, because Russians have been shelling us all night and morning." She also shared a few videos of the bombings taking place in Kyiv.

Anna shared another selfie of herself in military gear, sheltering from the attacks. The footage she keeps posting is devastating, and it reminds us just how fortunate we are.

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