‘Twin Peaks’ Came Out 31 Years Ago, And We Still Can’t Get Over The ‘90s Style

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‘Twin Peaks’ Came Out 31 Years Ago, And We Still Can’t Get Over The ‘90s Style

The show “Twin Peaks” is known for its mystery. But one thing that’s not a mystery is how amazing the ‘90s fashion in it was.

If you’ve never seen Twin Peaks before, allow me to fill you in. The David Lynch directed crime drama series follows FBI Special Agent Dale Cooper when he travels to the small town of Twin Peaks to solve the murder of Laura Palmer. But this mystery is never as cut and dry as it first appears, trust me on that. 

31 years later the show still has quite the following. In fact, it’s so popular that they created a third season 25 years after the original. Fans know this season as Twin Peaks: The Return and Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series. So if you try out the show on Netflix and get through the original seasons, don’t despair just yet, because you still have 18 episodes left to enjoy! But be forewarned, those aren’t on Netflix for streaming as of now. 

Almost as loved (or by fashion lovers, perhaps more loved) than the thrilling plot lines, were the stylish ensembles each of the different characters wore. It may not be 1990 anymore, but I’m still all about Twin Peaks style. So in honor of the 31 year anniversary of the first episode’s airing, let’s look at some of the standout fashion moments from the show. 

Pearl Drop Earrings

Okay, yes, Laura Palmer’s sweater is adorable, but can we talk about pearl drop earrings for a minute? These are such a classic! And a perfect way to add a bit of prep to your outfit. Plus, they will go with basically everything. 

Fair Isle Is Always In

Slouchy sweaters and Fair Isle for the win! With cottagecore being so on trend, slouchy sweaters, especially in cozy looking patterns like Fair Isle, are as in today as they ever were. And if you can find one in pastels, it’s a great piece for these last chilly days as we transition into spring.

Monochrome Magic

‘90s style really knew how to work a monochrome moment. The all black is really adding to the mystery of this scene with the dark lighting. You can be a mystery woman too! An all black outfit is a great choice for a night out. Add a brown watch like she has on for a subtle touch of warmth to your look.

Schoolgirl Vibes

How happy do Laura and Donna look here? The schoolgirl look was huge in the ‘90s (think Britney Spears and, of course, Twin Peaks, duh). And it's super in right now. Popular teen stores like Brandy Melville have been really capitalizing on plaid, but the fact that it’s marketed at teens is no reason why you can’t embrace it at any age. 

Get a Great Watch

Is there any accessory better than a classic watch? Audrey Horne’s is the perfect example. Pair it with those pearl earrings we talked about earlier, and you’ll have a winning look. 

Brighten Things Up in Pastel

Audrey Horne’s most iconic look is arguably her light pink sweater. And this is a spring style staple, in my opinion! I talk a lot about sticking to neutrals and you should, but a few accent pieces are perfect to jazz up your wardrobe for the new season. And in spring, pastel colors are the perfect way to do it. 

Detailed Collar

A detailed collar is a really easy way to add some femininity to your outfit. Outside of the show Twin Peaks, this was a favorite trick of Princess Diana, who was also a ‘90s style queen. Excuse me while I go buy a million tops with collar detailing, I’ll be right back.

Embrace Brown Tones

Brown is a color that people don’t wear much of, but, if you do it right, it can create a really chic ensemble. The trick is to wear a shade that works with your skin tone. Try to do different tones throughout your look, so it’s not overwhelming. 

Red brick brown is also a very popular ‘90s shade if you want to give your closet a '90s fashion inspired revamp. 

Oversized Blazers

What’s more ‘90s than an oversized blazer? I really see this piece as the ‘80s “everything big and bold” fashion influence carrying over into the next decade. But it’s another style staple that’s been making a comeback in a huge way, so it’s the perfect time to try it out. 

Keep It Basic with a Cardigan

It’s easy to overthink an outfit. But you know what always works? The basics. A simple tee or tank with a cardigan thrown over it and your favorite pair of jeans will always be a great look. Especially if you wear it with beautiful but subtle accessories that elevate it.

Another really great basic outfit is a ‘90s style top like the one Laura Palmer wore here.

This is the kind of thing that’s perfect to get from a store like J. Crew that sells a lot of good quality basics that will last you a lifetime. They outfitted Dawson’s Creek back then, so it’s not a stretch to figure that a lot of the pieces on this ‘90s show came from there as well.

‘90s Blowout

You can’t really get the Twin Peaks look without recreating the fabulous hair they all had with so much volume and body. And lucky for you, we have an article on exactly how to get it. 

Closing Thoughts

31 years may have gone by since the first episode of Twin Peaks aired for the first time, but the fashion is just as drool-worthy as it ever was. So if you want to look back on your pictures from 2021 and still love what you were wearing, then Twin Peaks ‘90s inspired style is the way to go. 

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