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Opinion: Trump Should Have Won Last Night. Is Voter Fraud Responsible For Flipping These States Overnight?

By Erica Jimenez·· 6 min read
Trump Won Last Night. Voter Fraud Flipped These States Overnight

I stayed up until midnight PST last night, after Trump’s speech and after multiple states announced they had stopped counting for the night.

Except apparently, they didn’t. When I woke up at 6:30 AM, Wisconsin and Michigan had flipped blue. I was flabbergasted. Trump had a sizable lead in both states when I’d gone to sleep. I would have believed that Georgia or North Carolina would have flipped considering how close the races have been in those states. 

But then, I started seeing the social media posts. Hundreds of thousands of votes in Wisconsin and Michigan were delivered and counted in the middle of the night.

Never mind that the only states that couldn’t give a final count were all battleground states. Never mind that the states where late ballots showed up all swung toward Biden. Never mind that the mainstream media was calling states like Virginia and Arizona long before final vote counts were in.

With the technology we have today, this much confusion happening in a national election should give us all pause.

What are Americans waking up to this chaos supposed to think? With all the technology that exists today, the idea that there is this much confusion and these many delays happening in a national election should give us all pause. So let’s look at what’s happening this morning, and how the media has set us up to accept a “switch” Biden win.

The Media Didn’t Call States Honestly Last Night

Last night’s election was desperately confusing to watch. Every news source had a different vote count. But the most egregious issue last night was the combined effort of the media to first, call states for Biden that hadn’t been won yet, and second, to refuse to call battleground states that were clearly won by Trump.

Both Virginia and Arizona were called incredibly early in the race. Fox News called Virginia for Biden long before any other station was willing to call it. Even the governor of Arizona was forced to make a statement about the call for Biden, stating on Twitter, “It’s far too early to call the election in Arizona. Election Day votes are not fully reported, and we haven’t even started to count early ballots dropped off at the polls.” 

The results were called for California, Oregon, and Washington within a minute of the polls closing. There was no wait to count votes in any of those states before they were labeled “solid blue” on any graph you could find. 

While Fox News rushed to call states for Biden, sources like CNN and NY Times refused to call other states for Trump until long after they were clearly won. By 11 PM EST, states like Pennsylvania, Georgia, North Carolina, Wisconsin, and Michigan had sizable leads for Trump. Yet while multiple states were called for Biden with much less of the vote counted, all news sources have held off declaring these battleground states for Trump. 

Why hold off on declaring these states for Trump? With over 90% of the vote counted, he could safely be presumed the winner. Because they were waiting for what we saw this morning: hundreds of thousands of votes quietly slipped into vote counts in several battleground states.

Where Did All These Votes Come From? 

People across the country woke up to two states that had flipped blue: Wisconsin and Michigan. Both had a sizable lead for Trump at 3 AM EST. Look at these charts showing Biden’s vote numbers shooting up in the middle of the night.

What’s Going On In Wisconsin 

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “With the counting of absentee ballots extending well into Wednesday morning, Milwaukee County's lump-sum contribution turned the race on its side. To that point, Donald Trump held a lead of 109,000 votes over Joe Biden, but once Milwaukee County absentee and early-voting ballots were uploaded into the system, Biden took a lead of 11,000 votes.”

Last minute ballots managed to flip a more than 100,000 vote lead for Trump to a narrow margin for Biden. President Trump has demanded a full recount of votes in the state. 

What’s Going On In Michigan

What happened in Michigan was even stranger. Overnight, more than 128,000 votes came up… only for Biden.

The huge number flew across Twitter, prompting Michigan officials to double check the count. Apparently, the vote dump was a result of a data error — an extra digit had been added to the final count. (How?) The jump in Biden votes is because Shiawassee County reported "153710" when it should have been "15371."

The scary part is that if not for Twitter sleuths who noticed the suspicious number jump and demanded an investigation, the error may not have been corrected. 

The Media Has Been Setting Us Up To Accept Voter Fraud for Months

We should have known this was going to happen. The mainstream media has been setting us up to accept a last minute switch for Biden for months. They even coined a term — “red mirage.”

The Guardian

NBC News


The main premise of the “red mirage” is that Biden voters will vote mostly by mail, while Trump voters will vote mostly in person. Therefore, they say most races will appear to go for Trump, but turn for Biden as more absentee and mail-in ballots are counted. 

Conservatives and election fraud watchdogs are very wary of these types of narratives. Why would we assume that the vast majority of mail-in ballots are for Biden? It seems like this narrative, which was pushed by every major publication for months, served more as a cover for planned voting fraud.

By painting the “flips” as legitimate, the media wants to create an illusion of legitimacy around highly contested regions. As we saw last night, that’s exactly what’s happened. Last minute mail-in ballots, totally over 100,000, flipped two states blue in the wee hours of Wednesday morning. 

Why would we assume that the vast majority of mail-in ballots are for Biden?

Before you start thinking this is some conspiracy theory, the method was already used successfully in Orange County to flip it blue in 2018. According to The Federalist, “In Orange County, an estimated 250,000 harvested ballots were reportedly dropped off on Election Day alone. County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker claimed the 2016 law “directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later’.”

While California has long had an atmosphere friendly to voter fraud, the national call for mail-in voting has created doubt for voting in most of the country. With a record number of mail-in votes this year, it’s not surprising that it took longer than average to tally those votes up. That’s not the issue. The real question is, why is every last minute vote switch going for Biden? 

Closing Thoughts

No matter who you want to win for President, widespread voter fraud should worry everyone. How is the country supposed to accept a peaceful transition of power if we can’t trust the results of our elections? Americans deserve a better voting process, and we deserve to know the truth of what’s going on in Wisconsin and Michigan. Keep your eye on them.


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