Tristan Thompson To Khloé Kardashian: "When I Cheat, I Feel Disgusted The Next Day"

The NBA player reveals how he feels about his cheating scandals, and we're all rolling our eyes.

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Let's just say that Khloé Kardashian is better than me because I would have left Tristan Thompson a long time ago.

In a stunning preview for next week's episode of The Kardashians, the Cleveland Cavaliers player opens up about his infidelity. But let's rewind: Kardashian and Thompson started their romance in August 2016. Months later, it was found that he was allegedly still in a relationship with his baby mama, Jordan Craig, who gave birth to their son in December 2016. I know this is grounds for a breakup, but I guess Kardashian didn't seem to think so.

Then, in April 2018, TMZ showed footage of Thompson kissing two other women at a hookah lounge – while Kardashian was pregnant. Around that same time, Thompson was spotted with another woman at a rooftop bar, and Page Six claims they were seen at a hotel together. To make matters worse, this happened while Kardashian was only days away from giving birth.

The most infamous cheating scandal of all, however, was when Thompson slept with Kylie Jenner's BFF Jordyn Woods. There are more women Thompson purportedly messed around with, but we have to get back to the preview.

Tristan Thompson Says He's Disgusted with Himself

The preview begins with Khloé telling Thompson it affects the entire family whenever he acts up. A sound bite from the NBA player is heard afterward. "I'm in a place now where I can own up to the mistakes I made," Thompson says.

Next, we see a clip of Kylie Jenner sitting beside the man her best friend hooked up with. Thompson tells her, "Everyone got affected differently, you know? But I think you were affected the most." Thompson definitely hurt Kylie, but I'm pretty sure he did more damage to Khloé, the mother of his kids.

Kourtney Kardashian is then seen asking Thompson if he feels anything when he cheats. He responds, "When I cheat, I feel disgusted the next day." Notice how he didn't say "When I cheated" and instead said, "When I cheat" – as if to say he might do it again. He's already gotten so many passes from Khloé, and she said she was planning to stick with her man forever, so what's stopping him from doing it again?

"If what you say is true, if you really thought I was your person or whatever you just said," Khloé told Thompson at one point, "then that means you'll feel that much more affected by losing me and want to change, for yourself—not because there's a prize at the end of it. We're going to be in each other's lives for the rest of each other's lives because of our kids, so I'm not going to fight that and I'm going to make sure it's as nice as possible, for me."

A lot of people equate Khloé's leniency to being a pushover, but she thinks forgiving Thompson is the mature thing to do. "I mean, what happened between Tristan and I was not some small little incident, it was some massive situation that really was a very traumatic experience for me and my life, so I'm not going to forget it," the mom of two shared, "but I'm so proud that I'm able to be kind and mature. And show my children that Mommy and Daddy can co-exist and be co-parents." I wish her and the kids the best of luck.

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