Transgender TikToker Rachel Queen Burton Has Been Arrested For Alleged Child Sex Abuse

By Nicole Dominique
·  2 min read
Rachel Queen Burton

Internet personality and self-proclaimed “trans woman” Rachel Queen Burton has been charged with alleged eight offenses relating to child sex abuse in Adelaide, Australia.

Rachel Queen Burton (user @rachel.queen.8008) is a 44-year-old biological man from Coolalinga, and an internet personality with 36k followers on TikTok. Burton, who frequently posted content with a full face of makeup dressed in women’s clothes, has been reportedly charged with eight offenses including child sex abuse and the production of child porn. The reports appeared in Adelaide Advertiser, an Australian-based tabloid website.

Sean Fewster made the announcement on Twitter, but received backlash when he called Burton a "woman" in his tweet. "A woman known for her strong TikTok following is in prison – and facing allegations of repeatedly sexually abusing a child," Fewster writes. "Who do you think reporting this as a crime by a woman helps?" asks @BlackIslePMD in the comments.

"This is why trans women are not women. This is misleading and skews the data. Trans women are trans women and should be addressed as such. Likewise for trans men like myself, trans men are trans men and there is NO shame in that," added @JaeDQuinn.

Prosecutors have asked the case to be adjourned to allow for the examination of Burton’s laptop, which has been in custody since June 2022.

Just this week, two LGBT organizations, one of which works with children, has been criticized for hiring pedophilia supporters. One group – Mermaids – initially added Jacob Breslow as a trustee, who attended conventions organized by pedophiles. Another LGBT counseling group based in Berlin had a board member who wrote about his beliefs on children and sex, stating that kids as young as four have the ability to consent to sexual acts. So while Burton’s case is definitely shocking, it seems some transgenders’ involvement with children is no longer news. 

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