Tips On How To Achieve Your Workout Goals From A Victoria's Secret Model Trainer

With athletic facilities closing down and people staying home because of the pandemic, getting the motivation to work out and stick to your fitness goals has definitely not been the easiest task for some.

By Giulini Wever2 min read
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Now that you're ready to start a workout routine, here are some tips that will help you stick to your fitness goals.

Set a Realistic Goal

Set a realistic goal, schedule a time daily, and create a deadline. Having a deadline will keep you accountable. It’s best to schedule at least three to four workouts a week to help you stay consistent. Building momentum is the key to building your inner motivation to stick to your workout goals.

Building momentum is the key to building your inner motivation.

Find a Workout Buddy and Train Outdoors

Since most gyms are closed, outdoor workouts are in right now. Connect with nature while benefiting from a breath of fresh air. Find a park near you and ask your partner or a friend to join you. There’s enough space for everyone outdoors to help you social distance while also getting a workout in. Training outdoors and inviting my friend to join me has definitely been a great addition to my personal workouts. Also, mix it up with a beach workout or even try some fun hikes. 

Unsure of How To Start? Hire a Personal Trainer 

A good way to stick to your exercise goals is to hire a personal trainer. Hiring a coach to keep tabs on you while teaching you the ropes will not only benefit you long-term but will also hold you accountable along the way. A trainer will personalize your goals and help you fulfill them. 

Hire a coach to keep tabs on you while teaching you the ropes.

I find it works best when you pay for a service and have to meet someone at a specific time. People are more bound to follow through with a paid service than if it were free. 

Make sure to do your research and find a trainer who can help you meet your specific goals. In the midst of COVID-19, personal trainers are teaching through various online training platforms, such as Zoom. Trainers are also meeting up with their clients for outdoor workouts and private in-home training. 

Have Fun and Mix It Up

You should join a workout that not only gets you in shape but is also something you actually enjoy doing. Whether you decide to start either by joining an online fitness class or using a fitness app, the good news is that there are so many motivating workouts adapted to your fitness level and goals. Make sure to mix up your workout and have fun!

People tend to stick to workouts that are efficient, fun, dynamic, and transformative.

For instance, I teach CreationFIT privately, which is a functional, dynamic, and fun exercise program. It lengthens, strengthens, and sculpts your entire body. I’ve learned over the years that people tend to stick to workouts that are efficient, fun, dynamic, and transformative.

To achieve anything in life, it’s important to find something you love to do and know why you’re doing it. The same goes for creating a workout routine that you can not only enjoy but that you actually want to stay consistent with while seeing results. 

Book a Trip

Have a vision of where you want to be and work towards it. Set an actual goal and book a trip so you’ll have a finish line to hit. Currently, you can book a summer staycation while still social distancing. With the warm weather, it forces you to have to wear minimal clothes, so watch out now! Who doesn’t enjoy going on a trip feeling at their best though?

Book a trip that’s both a deadline and a reward for meeting your fitness goals.

Closing Thoughts

With everything that’s going on in the current state of the world, it’s even more important to stay active and motivated to strengthen our health. Set a goal, schedule a time regularly, find a workout you enjoy, exercise outdoors, mix it up, and invite a partner or a friend to join you. 

For people who prefer staying home, there are tons of online fitness videos and fitness apps that can help to keep you motivated. Now more than ever, personal trainers are readily available to help pave the way for you. Whether you decide to join an online workout program or hire a trainer, you have tons of options that will definitely help you kick things up a notch. Ready, set, and go! You got this!