TikTokers Share Their Results With A Viral Parasite Cleanser That Helped Them Get Rid Of Worms

By Nicole Dominique
·  3 min read
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A popular parasite-cleansing product (Zahler Paraguard) has gone viral on TikTok, and users are sharing their surprising results from it.

"I am in absolute shock right now, you guys. I wish I was making this up," says influencer @kerrymcdd. "I'm literally shaking! I have, like, no words." Kerry adds that she's had Paraguard – a popular parasite cleanser – for three months, but that she'd been too afraid to use it. The TikToker says she finally decided to give it a try since she kept experiencing a myriad of symptoms relating to parasitic infections: severe and constant bloating, IBS, and other gut issues. Plus, she goes to Mexico a lot!

After Kerry gave the tincture a try, she was left surprised. "I wasn't prepared for what just happened," she says. "I took my first dose, literally just took it 5, 10 minutes ago. 30 drops. I went to the bathroom after 5 minutes." Right after Kerry took 30 drops of the parasite cleanser, she excreted a "massive worm." "I have to be honest, I'm surprised it happened so fast," she explains. 

Another TikToker, @brookelmason, shared her experience with the Zahler Paraguard product as well. "It is time. So, I can finally give my final two cents on this viral product because I have been taking it for about 20 days now." Brooke says she was skeptical at first, but was left surprised five days after she started taking the cleanse. "Saw some things [worms] in the toilet that I've never seen before," she says. 

Why Is Paraguard So Effective?

There are multiple ingredients found in Paraguard that help to kill off parasites in the body. In most parasite cleanses, you'll typically find three herbs listed on the ingredient label: cloves, wormwood, and black walnut hulls. Clove buds are famous for their antimicrobial and antioxidant properties. Wormwood is known to eliminate intestinal worms by inducing paralysis, and black walnut hulls are high in juglone, which is thought to stunt the growth of parasites. These three herbs combined are incredibly effective in removing pesky worms from your body. 

What To Expect When Doing a Cleanse

These days, you can find many types of parasite cleanses online, but it’s probably best to stick to the ingredients that I listed above. It’s difficult to say what your results will look like since everyone is different! Some could see results just one day after taking their herbal medicine. For others, it could day a week or longer. However, most people can agree that you can expect to see some worms in the toilet. The sight can be jarring and gross for sure, but it’s a sure sign that your cleanse is working! 

The benefits vary as well. You could feel more energized after you purge your system of parasites. If you’ve had gut issues, chances are you’ll experience less bloating and stomach pain. Personally, I was able to clear my skin up just two weeks after doing a cleanse! Whatever your reasons may be for opting for a cleanse, there’s no reason not to try (well, unless you’re really squeamish).

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