TikToker Wishes For 'Medical Assistance In Dying' Due To Her Battle With Depression—And Her Wish Could Come True In Canada Next Year

Canada boasts a recent program called MAiD, which stands for medical assistance in dying. The act of helping someone commit suicide is meant to help people who are suffering from a terminal illness, painful chronic disease, etc. However, there are people on TikTok who are wishing for MAiD because their mental illness has become too much to bear.

By Gina Florio2 min read
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On June 6, 2016, the Supreme Court of Canada created a new law that allowed eligible Canadian adults to request medical assistance in dying. In order to qualify for MAiD, you have to be over 18 years old, have a "grievous and irremediable medical condition," give informed consent, be eligible to receive health services offered by the federal government, be "mentally competent," and make a voluntary request without being coerced into the decision. However, you don't need to even have a fatal or terminal condition to be eligible for MAiD, as is detailed on the official Canadian government's website. You just need to have a "serious illness, disease or disability." Sadly, there are many users on TikTok who are wishing for MAiD because of their mental illness and the scary part is, they could be eligible for it in 2023.

TikToker Wishes for 'Medical Assistance in Dying' Due to Her Battle with Depression

TikTok user @eggie.dang posted a viral lip sync with the caption, "When you have such severe treatment resistant d3pression, that even your doctor suggests MAID." The lip sync says, "It's not every day that I'm sad. It's just most of them." The video has more than 1 million views and 217,000 likes. There are almost 2,500 comments and the scary part is, many people are either agreeing with her or encouraging her to participate in MAiD.

One user commented, "I'm applying for maid as soon as I turn 18" and another person replied, "me 2." Another person wrote, "wish I had access to this tbh" and someone else said, "It's okay to want to consider it. It's okay to have all manner of thoughts. This is purely about you. Sending you support whichever path you choose."

Just to be clear, all of these people are either wishing suicide upon themselves or encouraging this TikToker to commit suicide due to her depression.

There is a rising number of people who are suffering from a mental illness in Western countries, and Canada is expanding their MAiD laws in order to offer mentally ill people with a chance to end their own life (with the help of a doctor). After March 17, 2023, Canadians whose sole underlying medical condition is mental illness will have access to MAiD. So if an adult meets the rest of the requirements (eligible to receive healthcare from the government, made a voluntary request, etc) and they want to end their life due to clinical depression, they will be assisted doing so.

"If you are experiencing a lot of pain and suffering due to your medical situation, talk to your physician or nurse practitioner about options in relation to your medical condition or circumstances and your possible interest in MAID," the Canadian government's website states clearly.

It's not clear where TikToker @eggie.dang lives, but if she's a Canadian resident, she would likely be eligible for MAiD. It's a scary time to say the least if we're seeing this kind of trajectory. Under no circumstance should mentally ill individuals be presented with the option of medically assisted suicide if they feel like things have become too much to handle. There are so many other paths to take, especially for a woman just beginning her life.