TikTok Toddler Sensation Wren Eleanor Is Sparking An Important Conversation About Child Safety On Social Media

TikTok is the number one platform for growth and engagement these days, and there are many content creators who feature their family in various ways. One mother-daughter duo in particular is going viral and launching a heated discussion about the relationship between children and social media.

By Gina Florio3 min read
wren eleanor

Wren is an adorable 3-year-old girl whose mother, Jacquelyn, runs a TikTok account called @wren.eleanor. They have more than 17 million followers, and their videos regularly amass millions of views. But what seems innocent from the outside may actually be the entry way into a creepy obsession that many perverted men have for Wren. Many TikTokers are pointing out the countless comments on Jacquelyn's page that inappropriately refer to her toddler, and this has sparked a conversation about parenting choices and the role that a child should play on social media.

People Are Pointing Out All the Inappropriate Comments about Wren

It's clear when you take a look at Jacquelyn's TikTok that the whole account is meant to feature her daughter. She shares their daily outfits, posts various trends featuring Wren, and gives insight into their day-to-day life. It sounds innocent, but the sheer volume of content as well as the nature of some of the content is questionable at best, which is why it's welcoming perverts to her page.

TikToker @hashtagfacts made a lengthy video pointing out the fact that many videos are saved multiple times. For example, there's a video of Wren simply eating a hot dog at a fair and it's saved by more than 374,000 accounts. She also showed the top searches that come up when you type her name Wren Eleanor into the search bar; you find phrases like "wren eleanor scandalous outfit" or "wren eleanor pickle." She specifically shed light on one user's comment that said, "She is so mature for her age." There were of course other comments that were so disgusting and predatory in nature that she couldn't share them.

Many moms are joining in on the conversation to point out how disturbing the responses are to Wren's videos. Another TikToker and mother @astral.apparatus2424 posted a video explaining how some of the outfits that Wren is wearing in the videos are wildly inappropriate and should be reserved for young ladies who are 18 and older. Furthermore, she points out even more common searches about Wren, including and especially "wren eleanor using a tampon." This TikToker then shares a screenshot of the video in which Jacquelyn teaches Wren how to use a tampon. Wren is only 3 years old.

She also referred to another video that Jacquelyn posted in which Wren was trying out her beauty products for the camera. In one clip, the toddler takes a razor and pretends to shave her private parts, as she has likely witnessed her mother do. The TikToker heavily criticizes Jacquelyn and calls it "wildly inappropriate."

She reveals that many people, including concerned moms, have been commenting on Jacquelyn's videos to warn her that there are lots of creepy guys in the comment section who are speaking about Wren in an inappropriate way and inform her that footage of Wren is even popping up on child pornographic sites. Jacquelyn reportedly deletes many of these comments, but she seemingly leaves up all the comments from predatory men.

Wren Eleanor Has Sparked a Conversation about Children and Social Media

All the content created about Wren has sparked a viral conversation about whether young children belong on TikTok, especially in the way that Jacquelyn has put her on the platform. TikToker @astral.apparatus2424 made it very clear how she feels about the situation: "It's really her fault, because she is exploiting her child." There are countless moms who agree with her and insist that Jacquelyn is making the wrong choice by featuring Wren so frequently and explicitly on her TikTok page.

But the conversation has become bigger than Wren and Jacquelyn. Many moms are discussing whether kids should be online at all these days. TikToker @hashtagfacts also added to her video a creepy experience she had with her own daughter, who she posted once on her TikTok.

"My daughter does not have a TikTok because of all the disgusting things that happen on TikTok," she said. "But my daughter was doing the '3-2-1 bang challenge,' and I posted it."

She immediately noticed a comment from a man named Jesus. "Your daughter is kinda cute ngl," it read. She later saw that the video of her daughter had been saved way too many times for her liking. She deleted it. Next, she visited her daughter's Instagram account, which is private. She was appalled to find a follower with the handle @fun.testicles.

"People are watching your children and doing disgusting things," she concluded. "Protect your kids."

TikToker and mom @allthings.kelso shared some of the information about Wren on her page and announced that she has removed all photos and videos of her children from social media in order to protect them.

Many other moms are creating content about Wren and insisting that Jacquelyn is exploiting her daughter for followers and fame. They criticize her for not protecting her daughter and allowing her to become the center of much perverted attention. TikToker @douladanielletilley shared a video urging parents to keep their children away from the camera. She can understand the argument where parents claim they can do whatever they want with their child; they're not sexualizing their children, it's the creeps out there who are sexualizing her so it's not her fault. But she still thinks parents should take action to shield them from such predatory behavior.

"It is your job as the parent to protect your child," she said. "They can make their own decisions when they're older, but while they're young and innocent, it is your job to protect them from that."